5 Day Business Building Bootcamp

5 Day Business Building Bootcamp

How is business going for you so far?

Are you struggling, moving forward, then getting stuck, or sitting in fear and self-doubt? 

If you are not where you want to be, often you’ll find yourself procrastinating, avoiding, doubting, comparing yourself to others, self-sabotaging and wondering if you’ll ever make it! Sound familiar?

Sometimes we need to STOP, take a step back and assess what we are doing, who for, why and why it isn’t going so well. My unique 5 Day Business Building Bootcamp is my powerful invitation for you to do just this! No point in carrying in with the same old, same old and getting more and more hopeless, frustrated and skint!

During 5 hours of intensive online coaching, we will complete a workbook taking a deeper dive into you and your business. The CORE4 Business Building areas:- Mindset, Sales, Marketing and Strategy.

Watching me on a screen, in your own home, in your own time; together we’ll work out where your business is right now and what needs to change to get you ENJOYING the INCOME and IMPACT you deserve.

£ 47
  • 5 x 1 HOUR videos to expertly coach and guide you to find new information, beliefs, feelings and ideas
  • Workbook download covering the 5 sections to focus on
  • Have a next steps support call with Vivienne Joy for free at any time on your learning journey

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if you are starting a business or a bit stuck and need some expert guidance, new insights, a deeper sense of knowing yur own mindset for business.

This is for you if you’re still trying to get off the ground, or change parts of your business, or scale and grow to six figures and need additional mindset and strategy training and support.

Not for you if you are doing multi six figure turnover and are needing expert strategies for growth, for this contact me, or search the website for one to one or higher level programmes.

Not for you if you are currently an employee with no intention of starting a business.

It’s like having Vivienne Joy speak directly to you through your screen LIVE. You can pause rewind, redo and revist time and time again with lifetime access to your downloadable product.

Make sure you have a pad and pen to do the deep structure work and answer the questions to help you shift your mind. 

Great question if you don’t know her, or haven’t been to any free live events or downloaded free products.

Put simply, thousands of business women choose to trust her with their mindset and skillset as she’s been there, where you are now. She’s started, scaled and sold and closed and kept multiple six figure businesses since being one of the first in the digital product and online space in 2003.

She’s straight talking, keeps it real, asking you the questions others wouldn’t to get you firmly to where you need to be! She’s deeply spiritual, intuitively guided, grounded and balanced. And, she seriously gives a fuck, like really lives eats and breathes your success and dream. Supporting you and believing in you, even when you don’t. Equal portions of prodding, hugging, motivation and education that will mean you enjoy the journey and will be celebrated and supported along the way. There is something special about the safety and sense of solidarity in the She-Enjoys community, especially with the not for profit She-Enjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F) founded in Feb 2020 to give back further, this is one woman on a mission to help women all over the world be the best and do the best they can.