Be yourself and lead in business

Why I want you to be yourself and lead forward in your business.

Yes, really; be yourself

It’s because the people who do seem to be themselves -and you’ll all know, there’s a few people in your world, that you know in the business world or in your industry, that you’ll be stalking that seem to be the major disruptors or disturbances, as we call them- they’re the ones that are really putting their neck above the parapet and appearing to be completely themselves, whether they are or not. 

Sometimes we don’t know who we are. We don’t know who we are and we don’t know who we are in business. Anybody that says they do know who they are in business, might possibly do only for a minute- because it can change so quickly!

I am talking about the business disruptors- they’re definitely disturbing the market and creating a lot of firsts. Are they still being true to themselves? Who knows? They’re just doing their best. What I do know is that being yourself is the easiest way to be authentic within your business.

I don’t know if you’ve been in business as long as I have. 

2002 I had my first digital business. There have been a lot of changes in the last 20 years or so. It’s been phenomenally changing but in the last six months I’m going to tell you, I’ve seen the biggest change in the online market. What is happening now is everybody’s shouting louder. Everybody’s trying harder.

Anybody feeling that at the moment? I don’t know about you but my mobile is full of ads on Facebook at least. 

How can you stand out and still be yourself?

You have got to find your way, that’s the key because there is a way that feels right for you. 

There is definitely a way. 

How I found my way.

It took me a long time to find my own way.

In my first recruitment business in 2012 I was trying to decide the structure of the business and how much I should charge. How should I do it? How will I deliver it? How will I charge it? How will I talk about it? What’s the name of it?

We’ve all been through this process. My recruitment business was an online business, sort of like advertising. We now know this type of business like  Reed and Monster, whereas back then people didn’t really understand it all. And there was a company called (I can call them this because they no longer exist) but I’ll give you a clue: “”. And I remember thinking, “Oh, an amazing domain name, I’m so jealous. I want to be called “”. It’s like the coolest one. Everyone’s searching for it at the top of the search engines. And I looked at what they were doing and they were doing what I wanted to do too. And I remember coveting them. I was watching them like a hawk. They had a team of 30 staff, amazing offices, and a really amazing setup. There was a fountain in the middle of their courtyard, it was just gorgeous. And they were charging 199 pounds per client session for what I was going to be doing. And I knew based on my costs, that I couldn’t do it for less than 500 pounds and still make money. I remember thinking how am I going to compete? How am I going to compete with this? So I did, I just did my pricing as I knew I needed to. And I found lots of reasons why clients would use me and not

So fast forward to six months later,, I had lots of lovely clients paying me what I was worth and went under because they weren’t making any profit. Now they may have had 1000s of clients and beautiful offices and the best staff but they weren’t charging enough money and they weren’t making enough business money. When this happened I took three of their staff who brought the clients with them as well, which was lovely. 

I made a quarter million business in my first year. So I was glad about finding and watching and doing the opposite to what they were doing. 

The reason I’m telling you this story is because somebody told me that they look like they’ve got it all together. Yeah, they possibly have, or haven’t. 

They may be using a business model that is right for them, but not for you. (They may be using a business model that isn’t even right for them!) Someone else has told them to do it and they’re not making any money. You don’t know this. You just know what they show you on social media. They’re not going to be showing you the carnage of not being able to pay their bad debts or clients complaining left, right and centre. They’re not going to show you the bad stuff, they’re going to show you the beautiful, lovely sweet rose smelling world.

Yesterday I saw a post from another coach on a million dollar former coach. A woman put on her Facebook that she was really disappointed she had been following a coach, a high end coach for years and finally invested in a high ticket programme and was really disappointed that it wasn’t delivering. She said she believed all the hype of all the clients who were achieving 10 figure months and realised that this coach wasn’t there for her when things weren’t going well for her. This coach was only interested in the people that were doing well, because of course, they were the ones they could showcase on social media to make more sales and she was disappointed that this coach was inauthentic. 

I was crying and crying as I was reading the posts. I thought, yeah, we’ve all seen it, haven’t we? We’ve all believed it at one point or another. We believe what other people say because we think that person is doing well. Everybody else is saying they’re doing really well. They must be doing really well. 

Why am I highlighting this? 

How do you really know the quality of what your competitor is offering? 

I guess a social media post can be deceiving currently, because maybe, maybe they’ve got 1000 pounds contract with them. But really, it was only a 10 pound contract, you know? They’re not actually making any money! 

This is the other thing, right? I’ve worked in big companies. I’ve been MD of multi-million pound companies and I remember the first time I ran a big company thinking they don’t make any money. Their margins are so small. They may have a great figure, but their costs are too high. 

They’re not making any money. 

Another coach posted (some of you might recognise and remember the post!), where she made X, but actually she spent Y. Even though her launch brought a lot of money in, she spent a lot so actually she only made about 2000 pounds. 2000 pounds is a lot, to a lot of people but in her world of a seven figure business, that’s not a lot of money. Her return on investment was low.

I just remember thinking Crikey, I did that much on my last launch. And it didn’t cost me a penny. I didn’t run any ads!

If I was just comparing the end result, I would have been thinking I was failing. Now I’m comparing the profit which is the main part of business!

So we cannot be comparing based only on their ways of marketing, how they show up on social media, and creative content. Sometimes the creative content isn’t the thing that wins, is it? 

So I want you to be yourself. Your business is yours and you need to do what works for you and your business. Charge what you need to (or want to) to be profitable.

Show up in a way that makes sense for your business. Direct your offer to an audience that makes sense for your business. Conduct your business in a way that is profitable and enjoyable to you (I’m all about that- as you can tell by my business name She-Enjoys!)

What has been your main takeaway from this blog?

Is there anything you will do more, and anything you’ve found that no longer serves you?

I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at or connect with me on Facebook or Linkedin 


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