Book Vivienne as a Guest Speaker

As a qualified, intuitive and experienced speaker; Vivienne has a way with her that captivates an audience and takes them on an emotional journey from tears, laughter, thought provocation and realisations that start to create a change. Hence known as down to earth, Educational Speaker, as well as inspirational and motivational. She has spoken on many stages and runs her own live and online events and Summits, therefore understands the level of organisation and professionalism needed to be a joyful asset to your audience.

She will speak and train for FREE at events, in groups, on Podcasts and YouTube, radio and TV if able to openly talk about (not sell) how she helps people and businesses. 

Or, as a paid keynote speaker for events, conferences and in-house female empowerment. Over 60 business and mindset keynote topics available.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and get them met.

Keynote Talk Description:

As a Master NLP Practitioner, Trainer who certifies deep structure coaches and provocative Mindset MasterCoach; the basis of talks are all around beliefs and childhood experiences that have sculpted people into the adults they are. 

How beliefs rule self-worth, self-talk, self-confidence, behaviours, habits and outcomes. How to understand what those are to get new perspective and start to reset them to empower, rather than self-sabotage or hinder success.

Titles include:

Is your inner child running (and ruining) your business?

Is your money mindset messing up success?

Powering through procratination.

Overcoming Self- sabotage.

15 minutes of laser coaching for clarity in life and business

Vivienne's Bio:

Obsessed with helping business owners, Coaches & Therapists to RESET their MINDSET & joyfully LEARN to EARN their worth.

Provocative MasterCoach, NLP Trainer, Summit Speaker & Award Winning Author of ‘The Mindset For Business’ NLP based self-coaching book and cards.

Proud Founder of the She-Enjoys Business community and charitable Foundation (S.E.L.F), a strong movement of talented, passionate women who love to network, succeed, learn, collaborate and support.

A 49 year young, fun, straight talking and intuitive spiritualist. Loved up lesbian, married to Emma, living in her dream home in Nottinghamshire. Enjoyer of good food (the Mrs cooks), hot tubs, property programmes & 3 adorable fur babies Eddie, Honey and Bentley. Will be remembered for changing millions of lives by setting people free from their past to get on with enjoying their now and future.