Are you sick of trying so hard in business and not getting where you want and need to be?

Achieving the same low level of success, profit and happiness?

Imagine being able to ‘totally change it all’.

LIVE, week by week, subject by subject with a group of supportive, non-judgemental, talented business women and a powerful mindset coach and business trainer… 

This Intensive SheTransforms Coaching Mastermind was made for you!

Two hours of intensive group Mindset Coaching, Business Mentoring, Skills Training, Peer Group Support & Accountability EVERY WEEK to help you find your ‘authentic’ way to create, market and sell to serve your ideal clients!

If you keep thinking the same things every day, using outdated sabotage behaviours, same bullying self-talk and using the same sales, marketing & planning skills (or lack of), guess what will change. Nothing!

Get inspiration, motivation, education and guidance to understand your own beliefs, fears and mindset. Implement new sales and marketing strategies.
Step up and stand out and achieve your dream business… It’s time, let’s do this!

Vivienne Joy NLP MasterCoach

You could, should and would have a better business? How...

Many of my past and current clients had the feeling that it ‘should’ be different, feel different and be more fruitful to start, market, sell and manage their own business. Before working with me, some of them were so disheartened, overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, scared of not being good enough, lacking in motivation, skills and self belief and basically stuck doing the same shit and getting the same shit results – many were moments away from going to get another job; which would put them right back where they had just escaped from! Eeek. 

I’m hoping you’re not quite at that stage, but you probably recognise yourself in my description. You’ve probably read a ton of personal development books and tried low cost ‘online  programmes/courses’ and free challenges that are a one size fits all and you are just a number. Many low cost programmes are designed to get your prepared for higher level programmes with the provider and therefore will often make your situation worse! Sound familiar? You may have tried pre-recorded online only training which you start with good intentions, but just don’t keep doing it as nobody will know if you don’t, so you give up before you finish it (or even don’t bother to start it!) I know this for a fact, I’ve done the same! 

Some people do learn well like this, and if you do, then check out my She-Learn Business TRAINING Academy with over 150 training modules available 24/7, the Academy does have live support too so that every week I make sure the members are accountable and doing the work that is needed to be successful! Still some of them don’t show up though, so if you believe that would be you, then you need this weeklyMastermind!

What’s the difference between this with me and other Coaches I hear you ask?

Apart from years of experience, high level qualifications and a provocative, no nonsense ‘keeping it real’ attitude… I genuinely care what you feel and achieve. My primary objective is to get you out of your own way and start serving your need for success and safety!

You will learn the latest sales & marketing techniques to authentically implement. 

You will reprogramme your self-sabotage talk and destructive behaviour patterns of procrastination.

You will have renewed confidence, motivation and self belief with a community who hold you accountable and will become friends and collaborators.

So, in short, you will get ALL the Mindset Coaching, Skills Training, arse kicking and loving support you need to ‘let go of old habits’ and ‘create new ones’ to really get your business firing on all cylinders! It’s time to take a step forward and STEP UP! 

Each week, we go deep with your Mindset, Sales, Marketing and Strategy. You will be fully present, you’ll learn, you’ll get exactly what you need from me and the other masterminders and get the full benefit of your investment of time and money. The group coaching and training subjects and sessions are completely different and all essential. At the moment, you don’t know what you don’t know. I’m going to teach you, believe in you, prod you and lovingly guide you to where you need to be – guaranteed. 

GUARANTEE: If you don’t uplift your sales by the amount you invest in the first 3 months of commitment, I’ll give you your money back! 

My clients say that working with me completely changes not just their business, but their entire lives!


Start shifting and changing 'everything' with my help...

You can join in 2 ways…

£497 per month for those who are not sure, or are on a budget and prefer to pay as you go. 


12 months for those who are sure, want to save money and want a welcome one to one deep dive 2 hour session with me worth £450 for FREE.

What you get…

WEEKLY deep dive 2 hour Zoom group coaching sessions where you will be heard, supported and learn everything you need for yourself and your business.

Part of my super supportive She-Enjoys Facebook membership community where there are daily to do tasks, monthly community online networking sessions and training masterclasses by me and other experts.

The She-Enjoys Mindset Reset COACHING Mastermind will change everything!

Mastermind Monthly
for £497 per month

12 Months Mastermind
+ 121 Transformation session for

All the benefits of the Mastermind, payable monthly with no contract, which you can cancel at any time, or join for the year at any time.

If you already KNOW that this is what you need, join for a year, paying for just 10 months you SAVE £567 + One Hour FREE welcome coaching session with me worth £199!

Why work with Vivienne Joy?

You can afford to invest in yourself and your business success...

If you are still wondering if this is for you, then discover more...

Yasmin Ali Testimonial

What's included in the She-Transforms Coaching Mastermind...

LIVE WEEKLY GROUP coaching, mentoring, accountability & training

The fundamental difference of this INTENSIVE Mastermind is the LIVE Group CoachingThe power of a supportive group who come together weekly for 2 hours (Tuesday 10am-12, UK time) in the online Zoom room is huge. 

We go deep into essential business ability subjects to understand your limiting beliefs and skills gap. I train the mindset stuff and provide real life implementation elements of essential business topics including: CredibAlity, ProfitAbility, SalesAbility, EmailAbility. You leave this zoom call with a whole load of new information and feeling totally different.

Follow up video module and tasks

10-15 minute video recording overview of the subject is delivered into your unique learning dashboard, this also includes the main tasks from the video to stretch you out of your comfort zone and get the most from it.

Facebook Community Membership Support Group

Not just another Facebook group! This one is private and only contains business owners in She-Enjoys paid programmes, therefore the collaborations that happen are super charged! 

You get an additional LIVE Zoom 90 minute Business Masterclass each month.

There are optional ‘Daily To Do’ Mini Tasks to keep you on your toes if you want to get the most out of the course.

Monthly Online Zoom networking for an hour with other members of the She-Enjoys Community and a powerful productivity hour.

This is for you if you are starting a business or a bit stuck and need some expert guidance, feedback, accountability, fresh ideas, business skills, creativity and support.

This is for you if you’re still trying to get off the ground, or change parts of your business, or scale and grow to six figures and beyon and need additional mindset and strategy training and support.

Not for you if you are currently an employee with no intention of starting a business. If you are are just looking for a network to sell or spam and no desire to connect.

This is a safe, sales free zone, unless encouraged as part of the training or networking.

The first place to start is by joining the FREE Facebook group and meet like minded business founding women of all business skill and experience levels, locations worldwide, different types of business, challenges and success stories. You’ll soon feel right at home!

Then, find She-Enjoys Attracting Clients Training & Networking FREE Monthly Zoom event in the ‘Free Coaching’ section of this website and register. This is the third Monday of every month 10am-12 (UK time) and always free.

If you need some urgent support, you can book a private, short laser coaching session for free. This is ideal if you are stuck, or are concerned about what being coached by me would be like. You can try before you buy. To be clear, this is not a sales call, it will give you insight and clarity to find choices and make decisions.

If you know you need more, but are not ready to commit to monthly, regular programmes or sessions, then you can buy ‘on demand’ video training ‘Ability’ modules, audio and download sheets from my Academy to do again and again for just £25 each. They stay in your dashboard forever.

If you prefer LIVE online coaching, you can attend 90 minute intensive Business Masterclasses with my clients to get a real taste of group coaching and who I am as a Trainer and Mentor. These are the first Tuesday of the month 12.30-2pm (UK time) and are just £25 pay as you go.

If you prefer to read or be prompted with deep structured NLP based ‘self-coaching’, then you’ll really enjoy my ‘Mindset For Business’ award winning book and self coaching cards for just £35 delivered to your doorstep.

Subscribe to the much loved She-Enjoys Business Academy. A thriving community where you get 4 credits per month added to your dashboard to spend on traininf. LIVE weekly group support, FREE Business Masterclass entry and Member only networking and productivity sessions. So much for just £97 per month.

Or if you know you need more, join my FASTRACK Business Mastermind where we meet weekly for 2 hours of deep dive coaching in a small dedicated group. Accountability,iInspiration, implementation… and even faster results when twinned with the VIP one to one upgrade!

There are over 150 modules that are like having Vivienne Joy speak directly to you through your screen. They are all ‘Ability’ modules with vital knowledge and skills in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Mindset, everything from; EmailAbility to ConfidenceAbility to ClosingAbility and OutsourceAbility to help you create the foundations of your business and scale it to where you want to go.

They are from 5 to 15 minutes long, so you can easily fit them in to your working week. You click ‘complete’ in the platform to say you’ve completed it (there’s a leader board you’ll love if you’re a bit competitive).  You can access your courses and modules at any time to replay – lifetime access.

Make sure you have a pad and pen to do the deep structure tasks and answer the questions to help you shift your mind. You can also leave feedback and read feedback from other members to support each other.

In the Academy, theyLIVE Weekly Q&A sessions are an hour on Monday 12.30pm UK time on Zoom where you can ask questions, give and get feedback on modules and get support and ideas.

The FASTRACK Mastermind are every Tuesday 10am-12 (UK time) and are very in depth and intensive. Huge breakthroughs, incredible strategies and non-judgement safe space to learn, shift, celebrate and enjoy.

Monthly Power Networking and co-working Productivity sessions are on Zoom, the 4th Friday of the month 3.30pm (UK time) for 2 hours, A great way to get shit done and finish your month on a high!

Monthly LIVE 90 Minute Business Masterclasses are on the 1st Tuesday of the month 12.30pm (UK time) for powerful deep structured learrning and implementation of the theme of the month on Zoom. (Non members can attend these for £25 per session).

Not at all, they are to compliment your success journey and connect with the community. Some come to all, others dip in and out as necessary.

We get asked if you can send someone in your place… These are not networking sessions and are just for you, nobody can be you.

Both. There is a private She-Enjoys PAID members community on the log in platform that allows you to create a profile, add images and offers and friend request, message privately and to your profile wall (just like Facebook) and there is also a Facebook Members only community with Daily to Do stretch tasks with a weekly theme to enhance your learning and implementation and learn from each other.

There is a FREE manual download to self assessment to rate where you are in business and what is vital to get sorted first.

If you are looking to achieve a specific outcome, there are 6 powerful SUCCESS PATHS to follow which are a cluster of modules to get you to the required result.

You could follow all 6 paths systematically with one module a week and in 12 months you will have learnt, changed and achieved the following:-

  1. Overcoming self sabotage and procrastination
  2. Gaining clarity and confidence
  3. You, your products and pricing
  4. Visibility and positioning to audience build
  5. Marketing, selling and closing (and funnels)
  6. Automation, growth and scaling

Everything stated on the page is absolutely included. Often you are rewarded with your ongoing commitment by receiving FREE gifts and rewards from your Coach Vivienne Joy and her huge Business Expert Coach and Trainer network with Guest Expert Workshops.

Other live products, sessions, deep dive programmes and one to one sessions are available for sale to all business owning women.

As a valued member, you will get priority notice, founder member offers and any discounts or bonuses. This is a massive advantage as many of Vivienne’s intensive programmes and retreats are invitation only; including She-Thrives, She-Escapes and One to One packages. 

Click on the ‘One to One’ dropdown of this website and choose from:

  • A Power Hour
  • A 2 hour laser coaching breakthrough
  • Block of 6 hours to use as you wish
  • An outcome based structured session programme; like Full Business Reset, or Money Mindset Reset.

If you are at all unsure, please ask, we are happy to assist. Book a FREE 15 minute call to help decide.

Great question if you don’t know her, or haven’t been to any free live events or downloaded free products (see the section on website for these and for her full bio).

Put simply, thousands of business women choose to trust her with their mindset and skillset as she’s been there, where you are now. She’s started, scaled and sold and closed and kept multiple six figure businesses since being one of the first in the digital product and online space in 2003.

She’s straight talking, keeps it real, asking you the questions others wouldn’t to get you firmly to where you need to be! She’s deeply spiritual, intuitively guided, grounded and balanced. And, she seriously gives a fuck, like really lives eats and breathes your success and dream. Supporting you and believing in you, even when you don’t. Equal portions of prodding, hugging, motivation and education that will mean you enjoy the journey and will be celebrated and supported along the way. There is something special about the safety and sense of solidarity in the She-Enjoys community, especially with the not for profit She-Enjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F) founded in Feb 2020 to give back further, this is one woman on a mission to help women all over the world be the best and do the best they can.