Compare yourself with an old version of you

I’m Vivienne Joy, helping you focus on your future – the future of yourself, your own development, your business development, your relationships, your family life, your health, actually, it all gets involved. Because if you’re the owner of your business, it’s all you – every single part of it. So today I’m going to help you imagine that you were a better version of yourself. 

So we talked about comparing, and I want you to compare yourself to the past versions of yourself and the future versions. That sounds a bit deep, doesn’t it? Yes, it is. I’m a deep structure coach. I’m quite a deep person. I like to think about things in-depth and I’d like to help you do the same. So let’s think about some past versions of yourself that we can compare the now. So this is very much timeline therapy. 

Let’s think about the past version of you. Because you’re out there comparing yourself to other people, which realistically, is completely irrelevant to you. Let’s be honest, if you’re comparing yourself to Mary Smith down the road, it’s pointless. She has got a different life to you. A different business, different mindset, different family, different background, different beliefs, different structure, different upbringing…different everything – there’s literally no way you should be comparing yourself to other people. But you can compare yourself to past and present versions, and future versions you can be. So grab a pen and I want you to draw three columns on a piece of paper which I want you to label as past, present, and future. I then want you to think about past versions of yourself that were fabulous. Past versions in jobs, or relationships, or whatever is you want to sort out with me today – past versions of yourself that were fabulous. 

Take a look at what you were (or are) good at

I mean, I’ve had some serious success in my career. Honestly, I look back and go, how can I ever think I failed? Like every part of it, there’s been some real success. Turning companies around from losing money to making millions, bringing in teams of people, hiring them, firing them, and everything in between – so much success. This is my fourth six-figure business myself, so if I look at past versions of myself, I can look at what I was really good at and I can compare that to the present version of me. 

So for example, if we were talking about sales, we would look at the past version of yourself. Now, if you have never done sales in your life, there’s a reason why you’re struggling with it now, right? No one’s teaching you, you’re not learning, you’re just fumbling around. So if you imagine sales is the theme that we’re talking about here, whenever we need to sort out – what kind of fantastic experiences, skills and successes did you have in the past? 

Also now, the present, because I’ve coached so many people that say they’re crap at sales, and they’ve got fantastic businesses, and I’m like, well, hang on a minute, something must have happened for those people to buy from you. You may not think you’re slick, or there’s somebody teaching you some shitty, horrible old tactics, but actually, something’s going right because otherwise you wouldn’t have any business at all. And if you’re new to business, you definitely need to learn. 

Now look at the future version of yourself

And then let’s look at the future version of yourself in which we can put together the past and the present successes to create the super version of yourself. Which sessions went right and how we can make sure those happen. 

So I recently had a call with a woman who really, really needed my help, and the version of me that showed up to have that conversation with that woman was absolutely the right version. And so that’s the version that needs to show up. There’s been some other dodgy versions, I’m not gonna lie. There’s been some where I couldn’t be bothered, didn’t have time – way back in my past and certainly with other businesses where I was losing love for them. 

So I hope you understand this – the past, present – not the one that’s sitting reading this going “I’m shit at this” – the one that actually looks at it, and thinks, “actually, I have achieved it”. That version exists by the way, and then the future version, which is a collaboration of the past version that was awesome. And the current version is awesome. Hopefully that will help. If you need further help I do all of these sorts of processes and if you want to do more of that and you want to learn more about yourself and get out of your own way, then I am looking forward to speaking to you soon.