Compete or collaborate?

Hi, I’m Vivienne Joy, helping business owners all over the world to thrive. I started off the week talking about comparisonitis and I want you to really now think about comparison over collaboration. 

I’m definitely a collaborator, and I don’t mean I earn money off of other people, because despite some of the best advice from other coaches, it isn’t something I have as a process. So any kind of testimonials, recommendations, or anything I do with other people, is because I’ve used their service, I’ve coached them, I know them inside out, and I definitely recommend them. So if you’ve had a recommendation from me, it is because of that and not because I earn any money from them. But what I mean is the collaboration of helping each other. 

So you probably see lots and lots of coaches out there who are selling other people’s products and services, and I remember the first time I saw this thinking, that’s crazy. Why is coach A working so hard to sell coach B’s thing? I couldn’t get my head around it. Now I am a collaboration queen. I’ve run mega summits and success summits where I’ve invited speakers, they haven’t paid me anything, I haven’t paid anything, and they’ve come, they’ve showed their expert authority, made their offer to my audience and probably made quite a lot of money. In fact, some of them definitely have. And I’ve received nothing for that apart from sometimes a thank you. And so then when I saw this other kind of collaboration, I suddenly felt like I was missing a trick because I didn’t understand why they would be hard selling someone else’s stuff. I mean I was receiving emails, it was posted on social media, from one coach selling another coach’s programme. And then I suddenly got it when I realised what it was they were selling. And what it was they were selling was non-competing, and actually was enhancing what the other coach was doing. And I thought, ooh, that’s clever, because of course, this coach has got an audience, and so it has this. And if they have the same audience – so similar needs, similar backgrounds, but aren’t offering the same service, then boom! 

You can collaborate with your non-competitors

You know, a lot of the people I serve are owner-managed businesses, they’re starting up, or scaling up to six figures, and sometimes beyond depending on what service they have from me. And so actually, there’s loads of people out there that are delivering services to the same audience that are not my services, they don’t compete, and here’s the clincher, would enhance. 

So for example, I very often promote tech coaches – people who help with technology, and systems, and procedures, and services, because I can teach the strategy and help people understand what they need to do to thrive. But I don’t want to sit and show people how to set up Stripe accounts and automation -, there are loads of people that love doing that. What I’d rather do is herald the space for other people to do that. And that is how the She-Enjoys community was created. So we have HR consultants, designers, GDPR people, the whole community and my academy on a Monday is full of different kinds of people all helping and supporting each other and using each other – they’re all buying services from each other. It’s a beautiful area and if you haven’t had a go, you can get a free trial if you send me a message. I do training in there every week for an hour, we do training and networking and real kind of collaboration stuff. 

Who could you collaborate with?

So now let’s have a think about who you could collaborate with. If you are offering services for owner-managed startup businesses through to six figures, please, if you don’t compete with what I do, please hit me up, I’d be happy to have a chat with you. Because what happens is, my audience might want to hear from you and your audience might want to hear from me. And we trust recommendations…we trust this above anything. So there’s number one –  if I don’t compete with you, and you don’t compete with me and we have a similar audience, let’s go. 

Think about who else. So when I have my recruitment business, I used to work with accountants because with recruitment, what tends to happen is the first place somebody goes before they’re recruit is their accountant and say how much money have I made? How much tax have I got to pay? How much is in the middle? Can I afford to recruit somebody to do it? And so my affiliation with accountants was very powerful because what they would say is, “yes, and actually to make sure you get the right member of staff to enhance the business rather than drain it, all your cash and your profit, go and have a chat with Vivienne and she will make sure you get the right member of staff”. So they got a referral fee and they were great for me, I didn’t compete with them, and I enhanced what was going on with their clients because of course, the clients would take on salespeople, make more money, the accountants would see them thrive, and everybody was happy. 

So have a think now –  just take a few moments, grab a coffee and think about who potentially has got some of your potential clients. And I don’t mean speedily stealing them because no one likes that. I have a lot of that going on from people in my free Facebook group, trying to poach and pitch to and it’s hot. You know, that happens. I remove them immediately to keep a nice clean space. But actually, who could you speak to and say “maybe we could do something together”. And if I’m that who, then definitely reach out to me and get me on any social platform. You can email me at and I look forward to hearing from you, because that is one of the closest, easiest, and most joyful ways to try and bring business to each other.