Tapping into your own genius, accessing your own ability to let others know your USP.


How visible are you to your ideal client and even your existing clients? What stops you from going for it?


This isn't just starting the business; this could be starting a new service, a new project, a new product.


When do you need to recruit? How do you write the advert, place it and recognise the right people to interview and hire?


Do you feel a little bit left behind? Not sure what you're doing, what you should be doing and where?


How memorable are you, how do people perceive you, what do they think about you?


The ability to manage yourself, as the owner of the business and also to manage your team.


How open are you to learning new stuff? When did you last learn anything new and implement it?


Who do you need to employ and do you know how to keep within the law when you have found your people.


The long term future of your business, strategies for scaling and automation.

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