Creating a hell yes

Hello, Vivienne Joy here getting you focused on your future. And why do I do this? It’s because most people are not focused on their future, and certainly not a joyful future. They might be catastrophizing about the future, they might be saying, “Oh no, if I don’t do this, I won’t achieve that”. We’re always thinking about the future in the negative, because of course, the brain doesn’t have to focus on the positive, it doesn’t have a challenge or a problem to solve. And that is your brains job. So I want you to think about how you can create a hell yes. Or if you’ll excuse my language, a fuck yes! 

Have you ever been in a situation yourself where you wanted or needed something and you didn’t even know? And then someone started to talk about it…started to promote it…started to offer these things to you, and before you knew it, you were in a situation where you were need it….you had to have it. It was a hell yes! How did that person create that? And are you creating that? 

Are they hovering around that yes?

You’re reading this blog, and that usually means you haven’t managed to create the hell yes. So recently I coached a lovely woman, she jumped on a 15 minute call with me because she felt stuck. She’s a great woman, very ambitious, completely determined, I 100% believe in her, and I know she believes in herself – she just wasn’t quite sure how to get to the next level. And afterwards we had a conversation, and I asked her what she needed and she told me and I told her ‘ve got that and I have space, and in that moment, she was a hell yes. In fact, she was such a hell yes, she not only booked it immediately, but she paid and booked all the times on my calendar. She then posted in my Facebook group saying “Yes, I can’t wait”. And that is what you call a hell yes.

Not everybody is such a public hell yes person. Some people just hold it inside them. And you might be a yes person. But if you’re not a hell yes, you’re more of a maybe – if I talk to somebody and they go, “well I’ll think about it, maybe” they’re not even a yes possibly…hey’re are no in my head. Because you’re either a hell yes to work with me, or sometimes it’s just a not right now. It’s not no, it’s not right now. And actually, doing the deep structure work on your mindset, and your business, and your life, and your friendships, your relationships with yourself, with everyone around you, isn’t a sort of a ten second decision unless it’s really giving you trouble, and unless you really know that you need to change, in which case it can be a ten second decision. They’re the clients that are in the hell yes brigade. 

Making sure they say yes

And so my job as a marketer, and your job as a marketer in your business, is to make sure that the hell yesses, go yes, rather than not sure. What does it involve? Is that the right price? Is it good value? And what would it be like? How would I experience it? What would the outcome be? Because these are all objections that you hear salespeople talking about, that actually means you haven’t done the job right during your marketing process, during your information providing or gathering process, for that person to have all the information to say hell yes. And it’s not about cold arm bending kind of horrible tactics and strategies…no underhand NLP. It is genuinely a case that they know they need it if you’ve given them enough information and they are the right client for you. 

So if you’re having conversations, or you have in your audience, people that are definitely hell yes people, and they are still sitting on the line, what can you do to get them to say yes? What can you say, what can you offer, who can you be for them to say, “yes, that’s me”. 

And if you’ve read this and gone yes Vivienne, I need your help to get my clients to convert into a yes, yes, yes – I’m converting, here’s the cash, here’s my credit card, here’s my debit card, here’s my commitment, here’s my certainty, here’s my order. Here I am, I’m here to do the work and change. If you’re thinking that and you want to achieve that, then I’m your girl. Just book a call with me and we will talk about it as long as you like.