Do you avoid selling?

Hello, Vivienne Joy here, your deep structure mindset and business coach. I had a lovely session with a client recently, and it was lovely because she finally saw what was going on for her – she finally saw what she was doing. She’s a ridiculously talented woman, and a lot of the women I coach are…they’re very good at what they do. They’re also really good at making excuses for why they can’t do things, and so very often, I spend time listening to all of the reasons and false objections that feel really, really real to people. Because of course, false evidence appearing real is the acronym that spells fear. And so fear is the biggest thing – fear fucks everything. Sorry, I do drop an F-bomb every now and then. 

Don’t let fear mess you up! 

But the fear does fuck everything and it was messing this lovely lady up, but it was also messing up a beautiful programme she could have provided to people who really needed it.  I mean, of all the people I’ve ever coached, this is one that these people needed and I heard lots of things that were basically avoiding her selling. And I don’t mean hard-selling, no one wants to do that. I mean actually selling – actually having money coming into the business. And I know that sounds absurd, and if you are reading this and that isn’t your issue, you’ll be like “I want money, I can imagine it flowing beautifully into my business bank account, into my hand to pay for holidays”, and you will not have that as an issue. But if you have got that as an issue, it will give you a little tougher mindset where you go, “oh, maybe, just maybe this is my issue”. It was almost like she was resistant to earning money so we had a little dive into that to understand. 

So we looked at the money mindset stuff – earning money and having that self-sufficiency…that residual income, and what this recurring income would mean in her life, and actually, when we looked at it, it was quite a big deal. So we understood immediately why she was resistant to this – it would have changed her relationship with herself. Actually, her relationship with her partner, with some of her family – it would have meant that she was different and actually, not a lot of us like to be different. Although we want to stand out and feel special, we like to belong and fit in. Very much Tony Robbins and if you’ve followed him, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 

Think about all the aspects of selling

So I want you to have a think about selling. I mean promoting, marketing – all of it. Because in your head, it all goes together. Even though as a coach, and I coach hundreds and hundreds of business owners, the marketing process, the sales process, the structures of them are all quite different, but in your head, it’s all the same thing. It’s kind of anything that isn’t accounts or delivering the thing, you’ll think of sales and marketing. And so what are you doing to actively avoid it? Are you stopping yourself from creating online programmes, publishing courses, putting your prices up, or even closing sales? 

I remember years ago, that I seemed to actively avoid following up on leads. So I’d go and meet people at networking events and then I wouldn’t bring them back, even if during the meeting they had expressed a really explicit interest in what I was doing, I didn’t bring them on. I realised I had a fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is strong because we want to fit in and belong. 

So if this is going on for you, we need to help you understand it, accept it, get over it, let it go, reset it, so that you can actually feel confident in what you’re doing. So confident in what you’re doing that you have to get out there and talk about it, and you have to generate leads, you have to generate sales, because those sales are not about sales really – they are about helping people to achieve what they need to and you have got the skill to help them. So if any of this is resonating with you, if you’re thinking “that’s me” or “I am stuck”, come and have a chat with me. We’ll unstick you so you can get on with it and put it into practice. You can book a free 15-minute private conversation with me on the phone, we can have a good old chat, and I can help you understand how you can put this right for yourself.