Do you lack clarity?

Hello, Vivienne Joy here – your deep structure, mindset and business coach. Today I’m here to talk about clarity. Lots of coaches talk about the clarity of your ideal client, but actually, not many of them talk about the clarity over who you are. And surely that has got to be the beginning part? 

Being clear is priority number 1

You’ve got to be very clear on who you are, what you do differently, why you’re different, and what you can achieve that’s different, in order to then take that out to the ideal client that a lot of people are teaching you how to get clarity over. And so today I want you to have a think about this. What is different about you? What do you really want to achieve? Because let me tell you that just earning enough money to live is not going to drive you in the hard times of business. And business is hard even if you’re fantastic at it, even if you’re confident, even if you’ve got some cash behind you; it’s still hard to keep going because you are your boss, you are the deliverer of your service, you are the marketer, the seller, the accountant, the process-driven person – you are the person you have to report into if you’re feeling a bit ill, you are every part of that and you need something that is a bit more than just because of the money. Because I tell you, if money is the only thing that you think you’re starting a business for, unless you’ve got a sure proof idea, and you’ve already got clients, then actually, it’s probably not the best, because a lot of the time you’re going to be working with lots of opportunities, but not a lot of income. 

What do you want to achieve?

So what do you want to achieve? Really what you want to achieve, and why? That why…that thing…that purpose that drives us? What is it? I would love you to share it in the comments. I spend my whole day listening to this and let me tell you, if you haven’t got that, you need to get it. Why? Because that is the thing that’s going to get you up on those mornings when you can’t be bothered. It’s the thing that’s going to make you reach out when you don’t want to follow up and you’re fearful of rejection. That why – that purpose is the thing that’s going to have you carrying on regardless. And consistency is the thing. Consistency is absolutely essential in your own business. These people that arrive and do a bit of something and then rock off, they’re people we don’t trust. You have to be consistent in appearing…your being there, your appearance of what you’re doing, your messaging – every part of you.

And if you haven’t got clarity or alignment with that, then you won’t know who you’re supposed to be speaking to or why they would even come to you. And that message will be being lost too, in which case your marketing efforts will probably be falling a little flat, you’ll feel a little flat, and you’ll be in a position of thinking what the hell is the point. And if you’re in that space, then please come to a safe place where you can have a conversation privately and we can help you understand what it is that you need, where it is you’re going, why you haven’t got there yet, and we can put it in place for you. You can do that through a free call that I’ve always offered, and I will probably always offer because I love to talk to people and help them to understand how they can move forward.