Do you pack a punch

Hello there, Vivienne Joy here and I’ve been talking about your marketing messaging, your power messaging – that is the thing that people see, and understand, and believe. And the reason I call it power messaging is because it should be really simple, it should be really clear, and if you’re confused, then I can absolutely tell you, your client or your potential clients…your prospects, will also be confused. So if you’re confused about your messaging, you’re confused about who you serve, what you serve them, how you serve it, what they get from it, how it feels, what the journey is, the guarantee of the outcome – if you’re confused about those things, then they definitely will be too. So we need to get some clarity, we need to help you understand, and we need to help you get a message that packs a punch. 

Getting people to sit up and listen

I’ve had lots of messages over the time, because they can evolve, they can change, they should always be clear. And I remember when I first started coaching, which feels like a hundred years ago now, and my core message was helping women who own a business to get out their own fucking way. And I used to say it and I used to deliver it like that, and I was at networking events, and if I was online, or wherever I was, people would snigger and go “oooh”. It did however, help them understand what I did, and they wanted to ask a question to find out more. 

So does what you say pack a punch? That’s my simple question for you today. Or is it just like a bit of a wet lettuce? A bit of “ohhh, I’ve seen hundreds of those posts…I’ve seen that question a hundred times…I’ve seen that graphic on everything…oh another video where someone’s just saying, here I am, and I help this and do that”. 

Be emotionally involved

You need to pack a punch. If you’re not emotionally involved, if you’re not there giving your all to it, they’re not going to come back and give their all back are they? It’s the same with any exchange of energy, communication, conversation. You have to have the output to get the input. So if you’re being lazy and disempowered rather than empowered and present with your marketing, don’t expect people to be present and powerful.

How could you pack a punch more?