Enjoy the journey

Hello, I’m Vivienne Joy, Mindset Reset Expert here for your future focused finding.

I want you to have a little think about enjoying the journey. Now I know I’m Vivienne Joy, so you know, I’ve got the word enjoy and joy in my name. I have to have it, have to live it, and let me tell you, sometimes it’s not quite so joyful. I have stuff happening in my life and stuff happening in my business where I’m thinking, I’m not really enjoying this, this is not for me. And the strength comes in being able to understand what you’re enjoying, what you need to do, and actually what you’re just doing because you think you should all have to. And this is what I want to talk to you about today. 

Coaches need coaches too

Years ago, I had a session with a coach called Julie and I talk about her all the time because she’s bloody marvellous. And Julie offered a 20-minute call with her, and I remember at the time thinking what on earth is 20 minutes going to do for my world? And I remember she just asked me one question, because of course, a good coach will ask you questions that you haven’t asked yourself, or you’ve asked yourself but not answered outwardly because something different happens. And she just asked me a question, I rattled on and at the time I had three businesses and I was exhausted, I couldn’t quite work out how they merged, and as much as I do this work myself, sometimes something outside of you needs to help you, you know, coaches need coaches, and if you’ve got a coach, that doesn’t have a coach then something’s not quite right because it means they don’t believe in coaching. 

So anyway, Julie, listened to me and it was very silent and I was just glad to have somebody to release my head stuff to because it was going round and round in a big world. And then at some point I stopped and Julie made a huge sigh and said “you sound exhausted…that sounds exhausting”. And I said “it is”, and she said, “you know, all the stuff you’re doing and all these things you’re starting and launching, and all these people you’re pleasing, and all these clients you’re serving…it’s a lot.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

She then asked me if I knew about the word discernment, and she said, “my darling, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. And in that moment, my life changed. And there’ll be a moment with a coach, or somebody actually, maybe not even a coach, somebody in your life that says something where you go, “that was a bit profound…oh, I felt that, oh, gosh, that really linked into my brain, or shifted something, or just gave me a little wobble in my head”. And this was one of those moments for me – very powerful. I was very grateful to her, because I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I have all these ideas, I’m mega creative, I’m different, I’m a creative mentor, a strategist, I’ve got ideas and names for things, and copy and straplines, and headlines; but actually just because I can doesn’t mean I should. And in that moment I really focused in on what I love to do and what I really wanted to do, and She Enjoys was born. 

If you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point?

You have to enjoy the journey! So I want you now to have a think about everything you do in your world. All the services you provide, all the products you sell, all the emails you write, all the tech, all of the marketing, and I want you to just imagine it all slightly away from you. Just put it all somewhere – imagine it all on a desk in front of you and just shrink it down so that it’s like you’ve got a bird’s eye view on everything that’s going on, without having to go up to space. So you can actually get outside of yourself and take a deep breath as you do this, because it’s exhausting having all of that anxiety when you’re not enjoying it, isn’t it? 

And if you are enjoying it, you’re probably not reading this post anyway. But you never know when there may be a time you’re not and you can do this exercise. And I want you to just put it into little piles like of things you have to do, things you want to do, and things you enjoy doing. Because actually just because we want to do them, doesn’t mean we enjoy them normally. I just want you to then notice which pile is bigger. And if you’ve got nothing on the joy pile, you need to find a way of enjoying the things you’re doing. We need to find out how you can bring joy into your business. 

Do what you love!

So this is why I run my Mindset Reset Days – it’s why they exist. For no other reason really than I love it and it brings me the biggest joy. And you know during COVID, it was amazing because I spent my days on Zoom helping people pivot and keeping the business online, getting their business online, and surviving it. But I really missed the face to face. As powerful as it was for me on Zoom and the impact it made, I love face to face. I love one to one stuff and I love face to face. So I thought what do I need? What do I love? I’ve been running She Escapes Retreats, where I had small groups of women for four intense days, but what if I could do a smaller version of that where it’s not quite so in your face but it’s still very powerful, and shifting, and transformational for business, and life, and mind, and sales and marketing? And I thought I’d do it in my house so I don’t have to do the prep or travel anywhere, my wife can cook dinner, we’ll have a lovely time, and those women will leave my house feeling like brand new pennies. 

So have a look at yours. Have a look at your piles, have a look at the stuff you have to do, and just work out if you could do it better or easier. Look at the stuff you want to do and try and look at why you want to do it. And then look at the things you enjoy doing. 

If you need any help let me know. I hope this helps you to bring joy into your life because if you’re not enjoying the journey, what’s the point? Life is supposed to be for living, it’s supposed to be for enjoying – you’re here for a good time not a long time. So if you’re not enjoying it, come to me and I’ll help you find out why.