FREE 3 Hour Belief Mindset Reset Online Coaching Experience

She-Enjoys® Business? Do you? Or is it a bit of an internal struggle, where you feel like you are fighting yourself?  

Not charging, earning, investing, spending? You are not alone. Come and get it sorted!

Join me for 3 deep dive, powerful mindset coaching hours to reset your beliefs and habits to allow yourself to enjoy your business. 

On Wednesday 19th January 2022 at 10.30am (UK time) your life will change!

Programme starts in:

You know that things need to change! 
You are scared to charge more, scared to be more visible, scared to follow up or ask for the sale, scared to invest in yourself. You are basically getting from day to day and in your own way! 

You’re stuck on how you get the clients you need, where to find them, how you show up and serve them with confidence, basically a feast and famine and a day fighting self-sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm and self doubt.

If this is you, it’s time to change. I’ll help you, for free.

You must hear people talking about mastering your mindset and you know that your thoughts are impacting your day to day life, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and how you show up each day in your business. Yet, you go on day to day allowing your beliefs to rule you. Have you ever stopped to question them? Looked deeper into when, how and why they were created… and why you are still using that old rule book.

You can change this, like thousands of business owning women I’ve coached, trained and mentored over the last 7 years. When you change the way you view yourself and your life – EVERYTHING CHANGES!


If it is so powerful, how come it’s free?
My clients often ask me why I charge so little for such life changing programmes like the 3 hour Belief Mindset Reset. My 3 reasons are my passion and powerful purpose in the world…
1. I remember what it was like to feel stuck, lacking and not feeling worth anything. If you ever hear me tell my story, I had the worst mindset going! Once I sorted out my feeling of self-worth and value, my belief system and self-talk, everything changed and I see this time and time again with the women I coach – it’s joyful and being part of that transformation, the energy is addictive!
2. Nobody is going to pay for expert coaching and training to really create a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business, until they realise their own worth and shift their old belief shit! So, my ALL IN investment in the experience and results on these programmes typically creates a long term relationship of trust in those clients that are right for me and I’m right for them.
3. I can’t change the world on my own! My clients are typically talented and determined Coaches, Trainers, Mentors and service based business owners who want impact, more than they want income – I mentor them how to have both (one without the other is definitely not total success)!

Why join the programme?

Has the past really passed?

Has the past really passed

How can the past be in the past when you are still living by the rule book and beliefs your created in childhood? Discover why you believe and if your beliefs are true

Is your inner child in charge?

Is your inner child in charge

Your beliefs create your entire world! Self-talk, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and outcomes. How are your beliefs ruining your business future and success?


Choose change, find your truth!

Choose to change, find your truth

You can’t keep a belief once you realise it to not be true! Come belief busting with me. My unique R.E.S.E.T method will imprint new and true beliefs that empower you.

Join us!

Dani King Jan 2021
Wellingborough Wills

Have you done Viv’s money Mindset Reset, it changed my life!! If not, you need to go deeper on it – do the next one – it will change a lot for you.
I think I cried every week – but the difference in me in a year is huge.

I have almost tripled my income in 12 months – but the biggest change is what I do with it.

I value our work so much more than I did – won’t do things now that I would before, outsource things I know cost less than our worth. I am also more free with how I spend. I no longer think of self-care as expensive, or a luxury – go for massages (when open) monthly, I buy the food I want to eat, not the cheapest options. I gifted lots of things I could have sold because I didn’t need the money, I gave to homeless charity!

Yesterday, a local takeaway that’s been giving free food to those struggling in these times, had a scam call for £95 worth of food – I offered to cover the cost of that for them as a gesture. None of this I could have done without the money mindset work. I can do much more to help and give to others than I could before, because I had to cling on to every single penny.

Nicola Pricing testimonial