Going inside to align

Hello, Vivienne Joy here and today I want to talk about going inside. So we’ve been talking about externally referenced people, and that if that’s what really makes you buzz, what that can do inside of you. And actually, it’s important to go inside.

I remember when COVID hit, I did a video and it was all about how when you can’t go outside, go inside. And lots of people realised that their joy isn’t outside of themselves – it isn’t going out to parties and whatnot; it’s actually to start to understand their life and what they really want from it. And if you were one of those people, you’ll perhaps be on that journey still. 

What do I mean by go inside? 

Lots of our life is lived in the frontal cortex of the brain. All thoughts are triggered by the unconscious and that is the process that’s going on. And in our day to day life, unless somebody takes us down into our heart centre, we don’t tend to go there unless you do lots of yoga, or meditation, or tai chi, or anything that kind of aligns you more. Because you have got three brains at least actually. In fact, there’s more research being done to suggest how different parts of you have a memory and have conscious thought, and there’s a process called embraining, which is talking about the heart, mind and gut. The gut has its own feeling. That’s where the saying comes from – “my gut feel”. It’s because if something’s not quite right, your gut doesn’t feel right. “Your heart isn’t in it”, is another saying we hear, and then there’s “you’ve got to have your brain in the game”. And if you get all three of those aligned, merging, tingling, and vibrating with the same feelings, the same intentions, and the same thought process around your future, then it’s not hard work. 

You hear about people saying “I have to have self-discipline, I have to get up and go to this, I have to, have to, have to…should, should, should, should…must, must, must, must. I call it musturbating and the clients find that quite amusing! If you’re doing musturbating, then it’s all in the head, because the heart never has a must. The gut never has a must. It just has a feeling. And when you’re in that space and think about parts of your life where you just want to do it, it’s just so natural. You want to reach out to people you care about, you want to give your partner a hug, you want to support your child and cry with your child. These are things that are aligned to all of you, that make sense in your head, in your heart, and in your gut. 

Imagine you can do that (because you can!)

So now I want you to imagine if you could create that alignment in your business where it just feels wrong. 

I’ve had four businesses and they’ve all been fantastic. If you look at how successful a business should be if you’re measuring it by impact on the people that were clients, and staffing or financially – they’ve been great. But the only one that has really been totally aligned with me, is what I do now. And the more I do what is aligned with me, the more aligned it becomes. It’s a beautiful self-fulfilling prophecy. So if you have any thoughts or feelings in your day of “I want to do this” or “should I be doing this?”, “maybe I should do something else” – even if it’s a very quiet suggestion (because the inside of you is very quiet and suggestive and the brain and outside of you is very forceful, domineering and almost like bullying tactics, what’s wrong with you? Why haven’t you done this?) – if you could just do the quiet and very powerful suggestion of the internal parts of you, your soul, your internal guidance system, whatever you want to call that, whatever your belief is. Just think about when you’re just intuitively driven to do something or you seem to just intuitively know if someone’s not telling the truth or not for you. This is your inner guidance. And with business, you can get your inner guidance working on it as well as your head for strategy and your physical for taking action. Winning. Every part of you aligned. 

If you need some help with this – you know you’re completely out of alignment or a little bit off (because a little bit off is still a no) and have some self-doubt, something not quite clicking, something not quite doing what it should do, then we need to just have a look and make sure we get some alignment. 

If you want to do that you can book a call with me to book a session. I do breakthrough sessions, two very intensive hours. Or you can just have a conversation with me to make sure that what I do and who I am is right for what you need and who you are. I look forward to that conversation.