How can you scale?

Hi, I’m Vivienne Joy, helping women to build their business and thrive. If that’s not you, then why not? Part of that thriving is often scaling the business, and I’ve had lots of women come to me over the years, and a lot of them have got to a certain position where they’re exhausted…and I mean exhausted – they literally can’t do any more. This happens in particular when they are trading time for money, particularly with occupations like therapists who run sessions at a set price, because there’s only so many sessions they can run, there’s only so much they can charge. Some may say you can charge what you like, but I believe that can only happen if that person has serious expert authority or is creating a phenomenal outcome that is worth the value. But if that’s not you, how are you going to scale your business? 

What is scaling to you?

Very often, people come to me, and I will look at the deepest structures of themselves, their business, their mindset, their lives, to help them understand what scaling is to them. For some people scaling is more income, for some people it’s getting the business to a stage where they can take time out, where they can step back or just do the parts they love. 

I remember recruiting years and years ago for an accountancy firm, where the guy that ran it, hated it. He’d grown it so massively, he was a phenomenal accountant, really good at business development and loved his clients, but hated running the business. I remember saying to him at a networking event, “why don’t you just quit as MD and go back to handling the accounts that you absolutely love, and doing the networking?”, and he said, “you know what, you’re right”, and within about about three weeks I had a job right from him to help him recruit his MD. That was that. I didn’t need to create myself some business as a recruitment consultant, but it was just clear to me that the guy was not in the right place, and actually, you might not be.

I’ve helped business owners to replace themselves so they can do different things. I’ve done contingency planning for if they want to go and have a baby, they want to retire, their partner retires, they want to actually do less work. There are lots of different reasons and ways that you might want to scale your business. Maybe you want to scale it because you want to be Global and it’s no good just being local anymore and you’re not keen on being online – there’s lots of different ways that you can do that now.

So how can you scale? 

How are you going to scale? Do you want to scale? If not, you’ve probably stopped reading already, but if you do want to scale and you don’t know how to, it’s really, really hard to get stuck in that, well, I’ll just do what that person did, and you might be doing what they did because they did it successfully and it might have been right for them, but it might not be right for you. So why don’t you take an hour out of your day…an hour out of your life, and book a call with me so we can look at all the structures of who you are, what you want to do, where you want to go, and make sure that whatever you’re doing to scale, is right for you?

If you’re not sure that’s what you need, book a free 15-minute call instead. I’d rather you be sure before spending any money. I hope this has helped you to know what you’re scaling and why. Sometimes you need to know why.