How to create a marketing message

Hello, I’m Vivienne Joy, Mindset Reset Expert. Today I’m sharing something from my Thrive Thursday series. I love alliteration don’t you? And why do I call it Thrive Thursday? Well, you know my She Enjoys programme and my She Enjoys community is all about helping women to build their business and very often they’ve kind of built to a certain level and they’ve got to a certain part where they’re earning a little bit of money, or they’re earning just about enough money. But actually, most of the people that then come towards me, and certainly to join my mastermind which is called She Thrives, want to be in a situation where they’re not worrying, they’re not working hard, they are quite relaxed, they are thinking, Oh, actually, I have got this, I’m starting to really rock this world of business, I’ve got everything in flow, I know where I’m going, I know how I’m doing things, I know who I want to impact, I now know my income levels that are coming in. And actually, if you’re not already there, then I want to help you. That’s my job as the Mindset Business Coach. 

So my Thrive Thursday series which you can see every Thursday on my Youtube channel, God willing, is going to be to help you to do just that. And what I’m going to do is share with you the answers to the questions I get asked most in my masterminds, in my academy, in my retreats, and through one to one coaching, because I figure if everybody else is asking these questions, then you might have them as questions and you might just not have been brave enough to reach out and ask them to me or to someone else. 

So the first question I get asked most is:

How do I create my marketing message? 

So you’re probably putting out a bit of marketing, or sharing memes or posts, or asking questions for engagement, showing up in Facebook groups, going to networking events – but actually, the thing you really need to have is a memorable blind strap line pitch. You have to be memorable for the thing you do. 

I’m going to use me as an example because I’m the easiest one to use, and for many, many years (and I’ve been coaching for a long time), mine was that I helped women to get out of their own f***ing way. Now some of you might not like the swear word, but I use the swear word only when I’m really passionate, and I’m really passionate about helping women because most of them are in their own way. So if I was to then not talk about that, people would not see themselves in that message. And that’s the most important thing. That’s what you need to have happen. As you’re talking about your thing – who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it, somebody needs to recognise themselves in that pattern, that journey. Either they’re where you were when you started to do it or from the clients you’ve helped, or they are somewhere along that journey where you’ve been, or they want to be where you’ve gotten to. So this is especially for you if you’re a coach, or if you’re selling something or providing a service – they want to be able to understand the journey. And so your message needs to be very succinct about the pain, the pleasure and the journey. I call it the smile. So if you don’t have that going on then people won’t see themselves in that journey. 

The importance of the mindset

When I first started to coach, I had two clients back to back who were accountants and their biggest challenge was how to stand out. It’s actually about finding out how you stand out – that’s the main thing. And we talked about our power of excellence, the USP (I call it the unique sexy points, but in technical terms it’s the unique selling points), and the certainty you create. All of these things need to be in the message. 

One of the first sessions I run when I start to coach somebody on a regular basis is to really help them understand exactly who they are, because you can’t talk about who you serve or what you do with absolute certainty until you truly believe it yourself. That’s why I do the mindset stuff first. You know, that belief in yourself – the belief about what you do, what you can achieve, the experience, the journey. The most important thing is for you to really get what you do. If you don’t get it, nobody else is going to get it. If you don’t feel it, no one else will feel it. If you don’t believe it, no one else will believe it, and therefore you’re not going to achieve your business. 

So hopefully this has been helpful. The first thing you need to do is to sort your messaging out.  Products, services – you’ve probably got those, you’ve probably spent the time on those, they’re quite easy. You can buy online programmes and do stuff. If not, then have a look around the website – there are lots and lots of modules that are only seven pounds each and you can get the first for free. So go and check those out. Looking forward to reading your comments on this!