I didn’t realise I had disconnected

Feeling DIsconnected


Just wondered how you’re feeling? I’m just wondering how connected you’re feeling? 

Feeling disconnected from life

It was my birthday recently and I had an amazing time. I had an amazing time because I disconnected from the thing that I’d been fully connected to pretty much predominantly for a long time, and reconnected to the rest of my life. So I wanted to talk about that today.

I don’t know if this is something that’s going on for you, but I think during lockdown we had to lock down from being too social. So we all went on Zoom and then we all got fed up with zoom! Let’s face it, we’re all a bit square-eyed and the opticians are probably making quite a lot of money out of those of us that have literally been on here eight hours a day.  

On my birthday weekend, I literally disconnected from computers, screens, the business, social media, and reconnected with friends, and laughter, and just being. I know I talk about this a lot, and I talk about how you need time out, but actually what I don’t talk about is that you need time to reconnect, and that is a reconnection with yourself, with life, with people – people who don’t want anything from you. 

The importance of reconnecting with yourself

As a business owner it’s quite tricky, because you’re kind of always giving, you’re always sharing, you’re always looking, you’re always searching, you’re always thinking, always creating, deciding. Your business is prevalent in your head all the time and I know I’m not the only one. If you don’t have this going on then you’re lucky – you can put it down and have little compartments for things, but mostly as an entrepreneur and a business owner, it’s not like having a job. It’s not like a job where you go to work and then you can leave it, have a great weekend, and go back to work. It’s not. And the benefit of that is we come around to Monday and we’re not hating on life, because of course, we haven’t stopped. 

But actually, sometimes we need to stop and we need to reconnect with what is really important to us, and I’m just encouraging you to have a think about what is important to you right now. Because I kind of realised again (not that I didn’t know but I just got reminded) of how important it is to just talk about utter nonsense. A bit of nostalgia chat, laughter, a few drinks, nothing major, and just reconnect with who I am deep down. 

Remembering who you are in your soul

I’m a spiritualist: once went to the spiritualist church and met a guy. He was a medium so he does demonstrations that there is life after death (whatever your belief system is, I’m not here to question that), and the way he opened the service was all about remembering who you are in the soul. 

So this isn’t about how much money you earn, how many people you’ve served, what your brand looks like or how your marketing strategy is working. As business owners, we get really caught up and obsessed with this! We’ll forget intrinsically who we are. He was talking about how when you give and receive and act from a place of who you really are and love, it actually is a very different experience. I know this to be true, because that’s what flow is. That’s what we hear ourselves talk about when we’re connected with our true purpose and when we’re connected with ourselves – we connect with others in a really different way. 

I run a free networking event every month called She Enjoys Attracting clients, training, and networking, and the purpose of that is to learn a bit about how you can show up at networking events as you. Not as the “here’s my 60-second pitch, here’s my lovely clever strapline, here are my links, follow me, find me, buy me, sign up to me”. Just connect. How to connect with yourself and connect with others in a really different way. So if you are struggling to do that, come along.  You have to connect with you first- that’s why I do so much mindset work with business owners, because sometimes, especially when times are tricky, we disconnect emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, sometimes even financially, and we create habits and behaviors that are not us. 

You are not your behaviours

So my key message today is that you are not your behaviors. You are this person and you behave a certain way based on your circumstantial environment – your feelings, your fears, your past experiences, etc… 

If your behaviours are not you, then you are not in the right environment and you need to find a better environment for yourself to be you in. 

And there’s no better environment than the She Enjoys Business Community. A great bunch of amazing women who are there to support, collaborate, help, commiserate, and celebrate who you are, and also just to have your back when you’re not quite sure where you’re going and if you’re doing the right thing. So if you want to come to that, you’re welcome to. If you’re a business owner, or you’re thinking about starting a business, or you are starting a business, or you’ve got a business and you’re a bit stuck and you want to go to the next level, or you just need to connect with like-minded people again. 

And that’s what I did on my birthday weekend – connected with like-minded people outside of my business and afterwards I felt different. I felt like not just my business-connected version, I felt like my life-connected version. I kind of remembered how important my friends are (that sounds a bit sad).  We get so focused on stuff – I’ve been planning a wedding, sorting out the strategy for the business next year, moved house, got a puppy – you know, lots and lots of development in other areas of my life, and sometimes I forget exactly what’s important. 

So if you need some help with that, just give me a shout. If you head up to the button that’s called free stuff, there’s a variety of ways you can get support and help from me and the community for free. And if not, I hope to see you at the next She Enjoys networking session to help you to connect with some amazing people and yourself. Have a great week.