Ideal client work

Hello, I’m Vivienne Joy, your deep structure coach wanting you to get into the deeper structures of your ideal client. Now then you’ll say “Vivienne,I do client work, everybody does that, I’ve done it a million times”. But have you? Because if you’re watching this video and following me, and some of you follow me avidly which is beautiful, thank you, then it probably means you haven’t got as many clients, or the right clients, spending the right amount of money as often as you’d like, to give you the impact and income that you want. There, I said it out loud… don’t shoot me, I’m just the purveyor of what you’re already thinking. And it means that somewhere along the line, you haven’t quite got the messaging, or the language, or into the mindset of your ideal client. You need to get into the deepest structures of their thoughts, their fears, their thinking, their being, their behaving, their worst nightmares, their existing experiences, their past experiences, their current reality. And if you’re talking about all these things in your marketing, then you’re connecting, which, of course, is what marketing is about. 

So what is your ideal client? 

Grab a pad and pen and have a think about the following. 

What are they thinking on a daily basis about what you do, or anything around it? 

What are they feeling around what you do? 

What are their fears around doing it or not doing it.

What have their outcomes been so far, by doing it or not doing it with you?

Take some time to work this out, put that stuff out on your marketing, and just understand how people are going to connect with it, connect with you. It’s a simple message for today. Ideal client work is ongoing. Just when you think you know it all, you’ll learn something new and put that into the mix because it’s important that you are speaking the right language for your clients. If you want to talk to me about this because you just haven’t got a clue, and you’ve got an ideal client who’s called Jane, and she’s 42, and she goes to Tesco, you can book a free call with me. Because it’s not the outside of your client that you need to think about (although it’s important), you need to feel about, and talk about, and message about, the inside of your client, because that’s the bit that’s making a decision.