If you honour the non-payers, you’ll be a non-earner!

If only starting and being successful in business was as easy as some people make it look!????

If you’re finding it easy, then you don’t need me and well done!!

If it’s like wading through treacle, then you need somebody (probably me) to lift you out and help you learn to earn authentically and consistently… it starts with your money mindset, not your sales and marketing skills. This was a revelation to me and is to all those that do my FREE Money Mindset Reset programme.

Seemingly successful people have a better money mindset based on self-worth beliefs created and reinforced throughout their lives… or, they’ve done the inner work that you hear me and other coaches bang on about. I say seemingly, as there are some definite sugar coated social media shows out there, they’re what you’re comparing yourself to and thinking you should be.

It’s hard to get this sorted, it’s why it’s the essential starting point!! You think you need the next strategy, skills, quick fix or free challenge, it’s more logical and tangible in your head. I used to think this too!

Fact is though: If you’ve lived a life where people around you didn’t earn, value, understand, invest, save, spend money in order to create wealth – where would you learn it from? You’re doing what they did, until you learn any better. Add in being told and believing you’re not good enough from a variety of sources and it has you procrastinating and self-sabotaging all over the place!

To have long lasting, aligned, fulfilling success, you need to make sure you’ve done the core foundation work on inner child beliefs, business mindset… and then skillset. Otherwise you learn loads of new skills and get overwhelmed because you still don’t believe you’ll achieve it (sound familiar?)

THEN comes the IDEAL CLIENT work that business coaches start their programmes with… Whilst it’s critical to understand the fears, wants and needs of clients who’ll pay for experience and results from you – it’s MORE CRITICAL your sort yourself out first!

If you are always honouring the non-payers, you’ll be a non-earner! Read that again and get some honesty for yourself. Message me for free coaching programme link or visit my website in the bio she-enjoys.com ????


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