Imagine cash certainty

Hello, Vivienne Joy here and I’m just taking a moment to think about how beautiful it is to have cash certainty… to know you’re safe financially. Are you? I haven’t always been. In fact, if you’ve known me a while, you’ll know I really, really never was. I come from a background of compulsive gambling parents. I didn’t really know that was the truth until I got to my mid-thirties and somebody said to me, “oh, you come from a family of addiction”. I was like “What? Don’t be so ridiculous”. I used to go to bingo with my parents. Did they go all the time? Yes. Did they prioritise that over everything? Well, kinda, yeah, we were always there, I was always there. And I became them too, because of course, we learn from whoever’s brought us up and our highest power of influences. 

It can be a painful process

So cash certainty, financial certainty…safety – they are the same thing, didn’t really exist for me. All the money that came in went out again immediately, and of course that became my pattern. So when I help people with money mindset as a Mindset Reset Expert, it’s from my own base of having sorted this out and knowing that very painful path to unpeel, unwrap, undiscover, reset, reshape, let go of, forgive all of the money stuff, which is also self-worth. It’s very powerful so it can be quite painful. 

And I’m sure if you’ve been coached by me during that process, where you have trusted me and trusted the process, you know it can be quite painful. And there’s a lot of crying, a lot of realisation, and that is the kind of process when somebody is doing intensive mindset work will go through. It’s not about the surface, it’s not about telling you to save money or not spend it or look at changing the names on your bank accounts. That’s great as well, don’t get me wrong, these will sit beautifully in the external part of the internal work. 

You don’t have to be loaded…just secure

And so if you need to do internal work, to reach that beautiful time where you don’t have to think about money – money doesn’t even register for you. It’s not because you’re loaded – like I’m not a millionaire. In fact, I think it would be a slightly more problematic if I was if I’m honest. But actually I don’t have to think, “oh, the car needs servicing”, or I don’t have to think “oh, there’s something wrong with the boiler”, I don’t have to think, “oh, let’s book a lovely wedding and somehow pay for it”. I don’t have to think those things through and I can go with a nice beautiful green decision that doesn’t have any fear attached to it. 

So it’s a very lovely place to be and you’re probably saying “yes Vivienne, but at the moment, I can’t pay the bloody rent”…you’re struggling, but you don’t have to. And can I tell you that sometimes you’ll think your physical is creating the struggle and it’s probably not. Even if I gifted you a hundred grand, you will still get your way back to your factory reset which is where your belief system is sitting. 

So if you know this is you and you absolutely know it and you’ve done a bit of work – you might have done some of my free mindset resets and you’ve dabbled or you’ve read stuff or you’re following me or you’re listening to this going, “yeah, I do need to do that work with Vivienne…I know that she’s willing to help me”, then why don’t you drop me a message or you can book a free call and help you understand how it’s going to work and make sure it’s right for you. I look forward to speaking to you.