Imagine if you were so clear

Hello gorgeous business owner. I call your gorgeous business owner because you are, and you’re reading this which means you are trying desperately to find a way to get out of your way and be in front of others and to be able to create impact and income. And that’s what I’m all about. So if you’re definitely trying to create that, I’m definitely here to help you. And today, I want you to use your imagination to work in the positive parts of your brain. We’ve been talking about clarity – getting clear, getting confident, getting into that space where we can just beautifully move forward and we want to shout from the rooftops about what we do. If you are there, then well done, you will have done lots of work on yourself, and you will be absolutely certain. Because when we’re certain we’re clear – we’ve got clarity, we’re courageous, and we move forward and we are confident. If you’re not, then we need to help you to have some imagination and I would love to help you create that for yourself. 

Have a think about how you feel

I want you to just relax and breathe into yourself for just a moment. I just want you to imagine the future. A future where you’re totally clear, you have absolute clarity and confidence. I then want you to imagine in your body how that feels – how your posture is different, how your face feels, how your energy feels. Really embody this – really start to imagine how amazing it could feel, how confident you feel, and what this version of you will do each day. How different she’d be. How her behaviours would be different if she knew who she was, that what she had to offer was gold, and that actually by offering that, people would come to it and be drawn to it, pay the money it’s worth, come to the thing, buy the thing, use the thing, shout about this product or service that you have. Imagine. Imagine this. Imagine the confidence. Imagine how amazing it feels to know the impact that you’re making. Imagine how it feels to not be worrying, not be struggling, not be telling yourself you’re no good or that you can’t do this, that your crap at this or no one wants it and no one will pay this. Remove that – I want you to put all of that self talk into a little box, put the lid down on it, and put it somewhere safe. You don’t need that anymore because you have clarity, you have confidence, and certainty, and you have courage to go out there and do what you need to do in the world.

I want you to notice the difference in the outcomes that this version of you has. Her activities each day, how she markets herself, how she holds herself, where she goes, what she does every day. How it affects her social life, affects her as a mother, as a partner. And I want you to think of your own words to describe yourself in this beautiful state of clarity and how it feels for you. I want you to create a word that you can remember, and remember this feeling – anchor this feeling to that word right now. Imagine that word powerfully and strongly, clearly for you. And you can bring this word back with you and you can remember this word and bring it into your now because that future you exists. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this today and if there’s stuff stopping you from believing you can do this, you definitely need to reach out to me. I look forward to speak to you soon.