Know Your Numbers

I’m Vivienne Joy of She Enjoys and today I want to talk to you about loving numbers, or even knowing the numbers. The reason I talk about this is that women specifically don’t seem to normally want to know the numbers, and I think it’s because if they know whether they’re making money, whether they’re spending too much money, whether they’re actually earning enough to buy the holiday, to put the kids through school, or whatever, it’s like the result. And so many people are measuring themselves by how the business is doing. So if the business is doing really well then they are successful, and if the business isn’t doing well, they’re not successful. And there are definitely a lot of women I coach who have trouble separating the two. But you are not your business and your business is not you, and actually, you are not defined by how successful you are in business. You can love yourself and think you’re amazing without having that six or seven-figure success everyone is banging on about and you have decided in your infinite knowledge that you want to have. 

Loving yourself and your business

So my question to you is, do you love yourself more if your business is more successful? That’s assuming you are measuring success yourself or whether you are just kind of going from day to day – and if you’re not, that’s a whole other thing that we can talk about in another one of these little tidbit sessions. So are you loving yourself more if the business is successful? Do you beat yourself up and go into the mindset of asking what’s wrong with you and why haven’t you achieved it if you’re not? I.e, you’re not self-love at all, you’re self-hate. So it’s a question for you to have a think about it, and also think about how you can separate the two, because they are separate. That’s why you need to be able to separate them. And actually, the numbers are a really good measure. Sometimes they might be really good and you might be missing out. It’s a bit like you’re on a diet and you don’t want to get on the scales – sometimes you might be surprised and other times you’ll be disappointed, but actually, at least you’ll know where you are and you’ll know where you’re going to go, and you’ll be able to measure it.

It’s OK to talk about the money

Very rarely do you hear many women, especially at networking events or even in coaching, wanting to talk about money. They want to talk about the mindset, they want to talk about the marketing, the community, the connection – but the money goes with it. It’s okay to want money. You need it to live and you should have it. It sits very much with your self-worth. If you’re not actually checking how you’re doing, you’re not actually giving yourself the reward that you could have. So I’m just inviting you for a moment to think about how it’s all tied up together for a start, self-love with regards to the business, and actually whether you even know the numbers. And imagine if you could fall in love with them! I’d love to help you with that. You know where I am – you can book a call with me and get started!