Letting go to grow

Good morning, Vivienne Joy here, founder of She Enjoys. You probably haven’t seen me around in a while because I kind of got wedding mania – the wedding kind of took over, but it’s now been and gone and I’d like to say it’s a dim and distant memory, but it’s not – it’s still a beautiful memory and we are still floating on a cloud! 

I’m outside in my beautiful garden, and as we see the seasons change and all of the leaves falling, it reminded me that sometimes we have to let go of stuff.

Letting go

I talk a lot about letting go because you can’t keep everything, can you? Have a think about this. I don’t know how old you are as you’re reading this, but you can’t keep everything. Imagine if you’ve kept all the people, all the things, all the habits, all of the jobs, all of the money and never spend any – what would your life be like?

So we do let go and sometimes we find it more tricky than others. Sometimes we don’t want to let go, sometimes we’re scared to let go, sometimes we feel bare if we let go. I know you’ve probably let go of relationships, of things that made you feel safe, that you could trust and consequently, you probably have felt a bit vulnerable. 

I just want you to look at the trees as they are shedding – we’ve got lots of trees in our garden and, one tree is specifically a lot more naked than other trees. You have to let go, and at some point, some of these trees are just their bare branches because of course then they can weather the storm,  when the weather gets terrible, what happens is, it can weather those storms, and its roots and its foundations stay really really strong. And then as the climate changes as the seasons change, it can then have regrowth – it can bring new leaves, greener leaves, stronger leaves, prettier leaves. 

What do you need to let go of?

So my message to you is that you have to leave things behind to grow new leaves. I want you to think of yourself as a tree, and if you meditate, or you spend time just thinking in your own space – what are the leaves in your world that you need to leave behind? What is it that you’re holding on to that’s going to make it really hard to weather some of the storms that go on in your life? Could they be people? Could they be habits? Could they be possessions?

One of my friends has just sold up everything and moved away. She realised she didn’t need all that stuff, she just thought she had to because of years and years of collecting things. We collect things, we collect people, we collect habits, we collect beliefs. So maybe beliefs are what you need to leave behind. Maybe some of your beliefs are so outdated that they are keeping you stuck. You serve your beliefs that you created when you were like six or seven years old, and you know unless you’re six or seven years old reading this, I doubt very much that you need those anymore. And they’re certainly not true, and they were probably never true in the first place. They would probably belong to your mum, your dad, your auntie, your cousin, your nan, your best friend you had at school, or their parents. So you’ve collected lots of stuff and if you just take a few moments today – especially if you’re feeling it at the moment – just take a few moments to think about what you do really need and more importantly, what don’t you need? 

What don’t you need? What can you clear out? Sometimes just clearing out your wardrobe, clearing out your office, clearing out your kitchen cupboards, clearing shit out, leaves you space for growth and leaves you that clear space. 

Imagine if you were surrounded by empty space. You could recreate whatever goes on in your world and it could be new, and fresh, and exciting, and clean. That’s the benefit of letting go. 

So think about what you can let go of. What are the leaves that you can shed to allow new growth for yourself? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments. Good luck with it all, and if you need any help letting go of stuff, or you know you need to let go of something but you don’t know why you haven’t let go of it – like people are the hardest because we feel a bit of guilt if we let people go that we need. But if you need some help with that, just give me a shout. You can have 15 minutes of a free private call with me where I’ll basically coach the shit out of you for 15 minutes to help you to get to a stage where you understand, and that’s all you can do for yourself. 

If you need me, you know where I am!