Do you wish you knew more about sales, marketing and business?
Come to She-Enjoys ’90 Minute Masterclasses’ monthly LIVE on Zoom to help develop your mindset and skillset… Book and enjoy! 

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All proceeds go to the She-Enjoys Life Foundation to help others!

Isn’t it time you sorted that money mindset out to charge, earn, invest and spend in line with your skills and dedication?

When you work out what you need to earn, can you do it with your current structure? Learn how improve it, fast!

When you created your website, how did you decide what to add where? Has it worked to improve your business? It should!

Is your life consumed with admin, answering messages and trying to keep track of marketing, sales and money? Automate!

Your future clients are out there somewhere, either desperate for you to be visible to them or using another supplier! Find them

Imagine if you could read your clients mind and speak their thoughts right back to them in your marketing. Now you can learn how!

How do you attract people to your audience, entice them to buy and make them into clients? Need a 7 step strategy? Yes!

When people search you, what do they find, where do they land? Are you landing prospects and clients online? Learn now.

How do you decide what to post, where and when to get engagement? Learn a way to create 7 pieces of content from 1!

f you got out of your own way and allowed the success you are really capable of, what would that feel like? It’s time…

Will you finish 2021 with disappointment, or will you decide to launch something in January… Follow this easy 7 week plan!

What have you actually achieved in 2021? This annual intention setting session will make sure 2022 really is the year!

Monthly LIVE group coaching, mindset training and support from a Coach who’s ‘been you’ and wants to help you discover, share, express, release and reset your mind around business, sales & marketing. 

Meet Vivienne Joy, your NLP Master Practitioner, NLP MasterCoach and NLP Trainer with many years of experience of resetting the mindset of business owners all over the world. She works intensively one to one and with groups to help them shift, feel empowered and truly have their business of their dreams.

Easy online technology in the comfort of your own home. Just click and join each monthly LIVE zoom session on Tuesday afternoons, 12.30- 2pm (UK time) using the link that is emailed to you nearer the time.

A group of like minded business owners show up in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically to support your transformation and for you to learn from each other on Zoom and via the Members Only Facebook support group.

‘Pay monthly’ Masterclass attendees are invited to join the exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group and attend monthly members only networking and get ‘daily to do tasks’ to further develop themselves and their business.

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