Hello, Vivienne Joy here and today I have done a card pull from my Mindset For Business Self Coaching Cards. There are 49 in the pack and they are in four different sets in different colours – mindset, marketing, sales, and strategy. And these are the core four foundations I teach, because if you haven’t got all these beautifully balanced and working for you, you won’t be working for you very well, either. 

Today I’ve pulled out ManageAbility, which sits in the sales structures and focuses on your ability to manage yourself and your business. So grab a pen and pad and you can ask yourself the following questions and do a little bit of deep mindset work for yourself. 

Question 1 – If you were your employee, how would you manage you? 

You’re probably not managing yourself right. If you’re reading my blogs then it means there’s something not quite right in your business. There’ll be something you’re searching for, something not quite right, something you need, something you haven’t found yet. So if you were an employee, how would you manage you? The clues are in old jobs. Were you motivated by money, praise, recognition, freedom, time off, flexi-working, holidays? What motivated you then? And also, how did you like to learn new skills back then? Because actually, if you’re not doing that for you and your business, you’re not being a very good manager to yourself.

Question 2 – How often would you sack yourself? 

Literally, at the end of 2021, I would have sacked myself as Managing Director of my own business. Why? Because I literally spent every waking minute planning my wedding to my wonderful wife and I spent every minute I could looking at wedding dresses, floristry, photographers, you name it, I was there – searching for anything that had sequins! And I realised I needed to put down the sequins and start looking at some strategies. That was what I needed to do. Now luckily, I’ve done such a lot of work on my business structure and my mindset around it, that it all beautifully flowed without me and allowed me to spend all that time So I would have sacked myself because I really wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing, but let’s call it a sabbatical.

Question 3 – How could you motivate yourself as an employee to be more effective? 

Could you make tasks fun? That’s just an idea. I coached a woman who said she loves graphic representation of success and we created a chart – like a star chart. We worked out that in childhood she was really motivated by that as a child, and actually it was genius. She had ten places to fill on a course and actually, we went to the next stage and put the people’s names on it that she would like to have with her. And ironically, nine out of those ten were absolutely correct, because of course, we focus the brain on our future. 

So how could you motivate yourself as your employee to be more effective? 

Question 4 – How would you replace yourself if you had to? 

This is about having a business that you don’t have to be in or on, actually – how would you replace yourself if you had to. We’re looking at contingency planning, and actually my business at the moment, we’re looking at that. I have a team of VA’s and all my business managers and people that do that side, and I have some guest experts that come and do stuff into my Academy and my Mastermind, but actually, I am in the business a lot. And I love that. Actually, though, if I couldn’t be for whatever reason, how would I replace myself and who with? What kind of skills would that person need? This is a great exercise to do because worst-case scenario, you realise how frickin awesome you are. You realise that even though you give yourself some hate talk, actually you’re pretty damn amazing.

So if you need any help with this and you want to understand how you can better motivate yourself so that you are focused on the future, and your tasks, and achieving rather than staying stuck, you know where I am. Feel free to give me a call, message me, email me, DM me, tag me – whatever you need to do really. I look forward to hearing from you