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*LAUNCHING 19 Aug 2021*
*Founder member offer*

The Coaches Mindset Reset Mastermind.

You're a Coach or Therapist and you know you make a difference to those you work with... You just need to be better at sales, marketing, strategy and business!

Being a Coach can be lonely, confusing, frustrating and challenging. Especially when you first start, are trying to succeed online, or know you need to change things that aren’t working or to go to the NEXT level – but how? You’re stuck and need a safe space, people you trust to listen without judgement and really help. 

Many Coaches and Therapists get stuck and overwhelmed with the foundations of business. They’ve been propelled into being a business owner and not properly learnt marketing, copywriting, sales, accounting, strategy, automations, planning and everything else that has to be done to systematically, authentically and consistently get and keep clients that pay! Sound familiar?

With a lack of support, clarity, accountability and creativity, you maybe find yourself sabotaging, overwhelmed and procrastinating, whilst being mega stressed and believing you’re no good at business? You even doubt your coaching skills at times as you are often attracting the wrong clients, or have a shortage of interest. Maybe you’re trying to change your business model and the one size that fits all, doesn’t fit you! You’ve probably bought online courses promising the earth and even ‘Masterminds’ that aren’t the kind of masterminds that focus on individual needs and they’re certainly not one to one!

The result, you’re more confused and beating yourself up as you SHOULD be able to do bettter (especially if you are a Business Coach!)


It’s VITAL to get your business MINDSET for success (not safety and staying stuck) and upgrade your sales, marketing and strategy SKILLSET.

Finding a Mindset Coach, Business Skills Trainer, Creative Mentor, Accountability partner and safe support network is CRITICAL to how quickly you succeed and how much you enjoy the journey! I’m glad you found the Mindset Reset Peer Group Mastermind, which has been designed by an experienced Coach and business owner for Coaches. We’re an ever growing group of talented and determined women who have each other’s back and enjoy celebrating, listening and sharing ideas, skills and knowlege. We meet monthly for a powerful transformative 2 hour Zoom session and you get an hour of private one to one time with a kick arse provocative Coach each month, who will make sure you stay out of your own way! You’ll be heard and get non-judgmental clarity on everything from client challenges, mindset wobbles, personal troubles, business strategy, creative marketing and sales processes. 

Let us support your journey. Join us.

Welcome to the Mindset Reset Mastermind for Coaches…

> LIVE 2 hour monthly peer group learning, training & support on Zoom

> A powerful 1:1 with me each month

> Monthly 90 minute LIVE Business Masterclass

> Private communication and peer accountability group

Mindset Reset Mastermind (Founder Launch Offer)
£ 247 Monthly
  • Pay monthly, with no contract or tie in
  • Monthly power hour 1:1 coaching & mentoring
  • Monthly 2 hour Group Coaching & Business Hot Seat Mastermind on Zoom
  • Monthly LIVE 90 minute Intensive Business Masterclass
  • Quarterly 'Mindset Reset Retreat' priority upgrade
  • Private Facebook/WhatsApp 24/7 peer group support

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if you’re any type of Coach (qualified or not) or Therapist who needs a peer group of like-minded women, expert guidance, strategy clarity, feedback, accountability, fresh ideas, sales, marketing and business skills, creativity and support. You are likely to have a business, but need clarity, a mindset reset with skills and strategy upgrade to go to the next level. Typically from start-up to £200k turnover per annum.

This isn’t for you if you are doing multi six figure turnover and are needing expert strategies for growth. For this contact me re one to one, high performance coaching and mentoring.

Not for you if you are not a Coach or Therapist in business for yourself. If you are are looking for a network to sell to. Other events and programmes on this website will match those needs.

This is a safe, non-competing, sales free supportive  zone, unless encouraged as part of the training & coaching.

You can cancel your pay monthly Mastermind membership at any time. This is a simple change in your dashboard. They are no contracts, just great coaching support.

My mission is to make sure that you ALWAYS get what you need.

LIVE Monthly deep dive coaching and hot seat Mastermind sessions are very intensive. They’re for 2 hours on the third Thursday of every month (2-4pm UK time) on Zoom where you will get focused time and expert support.

Monthly 90 minute LIVE Business Masterclasses are on the 1st Tuesday of the month 12.30pm (UK time) where you can Zoom in, learn and implement the sales, marketing, mindset or strategy theme.

It is advised that you do as they are not recorded (due to privacy of content being shared) and they will support your success journey. 

Oh and nobody else can come in your place. I’m coaching you and your mindset, not them and theirs!

Everything stated on this page is absolutely included. Sometimes you’ll be rewarded for your ongoing commitment by receiving FREE gifts and rewards from your Coach Vivienne Joy and her huge Business Expert Coach and Trainer network with Guest Expert Workshops.

Other live products, sessions, deep dive programmes and one to one sessions are available.

As a Mindset Reset Mastermind member, you will get priority booking of the ‘Mindset Reset Quarterly Retreat’, any founder member offers and any discounts or bonuses. This is a massive advantage as many of Vivienne’s intensive programmes and retreats are client invitation only.

Great question if you don’t know her, or haven’t been to any free live events or downloaded free products.

Put simply, thousands of business women and coaches choose to trust her with their mindset and skillset as she’s been there, where you are now. She’s started, scaled and sold and closed and kept multiple six figure businesses since being one of the first in the digital product and online space in 2003.

She’s straight talking, keeps it real, asks you the provocative ‘no place to hide’ questions others wouldn’t! This gets you firmly to where you need to be! She’s deeply spiritual, intuitively guided, grounded and balanced. And, she seriously gives a fuck, like really lives eats and breathes your success and dream. Supporting you and believing in you, even when you don’t. Equal portions of prodding, hugging, motivation and education that will mean you enjoy the journey and will be celebrated and supported along the way. There is something special about the safety and sense of solidarity in the She-Enjoys community, especially with the not for profit She-Enjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F) founded in Feb 2020 to give back further, this is one woman on a mission to help women all over the world be the best and do the best they can.

Here’s what Steph had to say about being part of my Coaching Mastermind…

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