She-Empowers Self Coaching CARDS


When you’re feeling a bit lost in life, wouldn’t it be great to have a self coaching guidance system at your finger tips?
Here is that system, 49 intuitive She-Empowers Herself Coaching Cards to challenge your current thinking and ask you questions to help you shift.

Created by an NLP Master who coaches the mindset of women all over the world…





Why THESE cards, why Vivienne Joy?

There are plenty of intuitive cards out there, guidance cards, angel cards and inspiration cards… These are different.

Created specifically to challenge your deep structure thinking, about yourself. They are not relying on any divine intervention, although they spookily seem to pin pint exactly which element of your life and mindset that need attention! Shuffle the pack, choose the one that feels right and work on the questions. If you did one a week, you’d have enough for the next year!

Vivienne Joy is a Global Mindset Coach, helping women to get out of their own way in life, relationships, career and business.

A Master NLP Practitioner, MasterCoach and Trainer, she has been studying the inner workings of the mind and effect this has on your behaviour, perception and outcomes in life for over 20 years. If there is an element that can be improved, then improve it!

These self-coaching, inner guidance cards are the first step.

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