Recurring revenue

Hello, Vivienne Joy here and today we’re going to talk about money. Some people hate to talk about it, some people don’t like think about it – believe it’s a bit crude, but actually, if you’re living in the civilization we’re in, you have to have it. And if your mind isn’t focused on how to have it, how to invest it, how to keep it, and how to let it flow, then you are not going to do too well. There will be a block somewhere in your world. And today I want to talk about recurring revenues.

What are recurring revenues?

Recurring revenues mean things that come into you regularly, it’s as simple as that. So think about subscriptions, memberships, anything that’s a recurring programme. I have this as a model for pretty much everything I do, even right down to one to one coaching. I have clients that pay me monthly for a set amount of time, or for an end result. 

So just think about your business now. The biggest thing I coach from business owners, certainly when they start out, is the peaks and troughs, the roller coaster – whatever your money mindset calls it. It’s this recurrence. And the reason that so many coaches talk about recurring revenue, about having this sustained income, is because your brain needs certainty. 

Your brain needs to serve certainty before it will serve excitement and exhilaration and joy. So if you don’t have financial certainty, ie you’re chasing the next client, you don’t know how you’re gonna pay the rent, or the bills, or the mortgage, or for the kids to go to schoo,l or how you’re going to pay for your internet service – whatever it is that you’re chasing, then you are going to be making very red colour decisions that are based from fear rather than joy and excitement and expansion and love. And also it will feel shit. You’ll continuously feel like you’re in the rat race on that treadmill – fight-flight, you’ll feel like you’re continuously in that. And that is not enjoying your business. So I want to talk about enjoying and thriving when you’re in that space continuously. 

What do people need from you?

When I look at when I first started coaching, which feels like 100 years ago now, and I didn’t really know what I was going to do as a business model, I didn’t understand what people needed and the continuity and the sustained support. I didn’t understand that the website helped somebody with their mindset issues, that actually when they went to the next level of a business, they would have a whole new set, because of course that brought up all sorts of other stuff around not good enough, not worthy, how can I? What do I do? skillset mindset. 

So that’s how my business model started…my She Enjoys model that you see today with an academy and a mastermind and she escapes, reset days – very hardcore, intensive personal development specifically for people who really love that and know that that they can get better performance by changing and shifting stuff that’s going on in the backend. The books and everything that I have was created knowing that actually, it wasn’t just my revenue that I needed to have as recurring, but the support and the impact that I was going to have on my clients needed to have that too. And once I understood that and I married the two together, it was easy. It was very easy. 

Think about what you can offer?

So today I have just a simple question. What would somebody pay you for regularly? Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, that would give you that certainty – cash certainty, income certainty, turnover, profit, whatever you want to call it – that money that’s coming in, allowing you to live your life and flow with your thoughts, feelings, energy and decisions effectively rather than thinking aaaaah. Because when you’re in that space and money does come in, you look down and go, I’ve got to keep it because I need it. That is not a good energy for a business owner because you want expansion. And you know, this kind of exchange, which is what cash and money is, it can only exchange when you allow it to leave you and come into you with a beautiful energy. So without getting too woowoo, think about this. 

Now if you don’t already have this, how can you is a question you need to start asking yourself as if your life depended on it, because your business probably does. What can I provide? What do my clients need? What is a problem I can solve consistently for those clients where they come and they get it and they need it? Even if it’s for six months or a year – it doesn’t have to be forever, nothing’s really forever. Let’s be honest, what can I do? 

And if you really are struggling with that, as always, you can book a laser coaching call, and we’ll get right to the core of what’s going on – the who, what, where and when, and how you can set that up to get that certainty, because once you’re in that space, it’s like somewhere over the rainbow. Once you have that certainty, life and business becomes fun and joyful, and experimental and expansive. Until then, it’s bloody hard work. So if you’re still in that space, I’d love to help you get from that space to start travelling across your rainbow.