Reprogramming your beliefs

Hello, Vivienne Joy, Mindset Reset Expert here. This week, I really want to thank the amazing woman that sent me a message about my one of my videos when I was talking about money, floors, and ceilings. She told me she really didn’t think that it’s about money, so I asked what is it about, and actually, we had a conversation, she booked a call with some coaching, and it turned out it was about a whole other load of beliefs. 

Now, it can show up as money, it could show up as self-worth, it can show up as fear, it can show up as all sorts of things. If you don’t have an empowered, performance-driven mindset, it’s going to disempower you. So the reprogramming structure that I use – my reset method, it’s a registered trademark of mine, is to help you reprogram your beliefs. The good thing is, I talk about this a lot. And you’re gonna hear this in a lot of my content because it is the absolute cornerstone of what you need to sort out. You can go and learn all the skills, but if your belief set keeps you set, you are not moving anywhere. And so we need to help you understand which beliefs are keeping you stuck – and sometimes they’re ones that you would have never dreamed of – and we need to reprogram them. We need to help you understand that if we can’t reprogram them, which we always can, but just to reassure you – we can help to use them. 

Using it to an advantage

So we can use them to our advantage, for example, if you have a belief that you have to always be in service or helpful, which is a key one I speak to women about all the time, rather than reprogram it so that you can serve yourself first – and some of you will go “oh yeah, now I’m with you again, yes – I’ll always serve the kids, my partner in the business, my house, my friends, my family, my mother, and then me. And if that’s going on for you, you’re definitely not thriving. Your family and friends are and maybe even your businesses, but you are most definitely not. Because that belief is driving you so hard to serve everything outside of you. In which case, you probably don’t even know what you want or need. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time since you asked yourself, gifted it yourself, or asked for it from someone else for yourself, or anybody else gave it to you because you’re too busy giving, giving, giving and it’s really hard for there to be any space to receive. 

So you might recognise yourself if you’re in this space. So we could reprogram that belief and we can help you understand what you get when you serve. Because if you’re serving, it gives you a feeling, gives you a response, gives you a self-talk, gives you something that you need believe it or not. So actually by serving, in some weird way, you probably feel like you’re no one else cares, or no one listens, but you are still serving you. 

So to help you understand what you’re serving – so that you actually go “yeah, I love to serve others first because it gives me this”. It gives you permission to do that rather than beating yourself up and feeling like the downtrodden victim. They’re hard words I know, and you might not be completely in that frame yet, there might just be tendencies rather than absolute, “this is what I do”. If you’re anywhere in that little process, you’ll recognise what I’m saying. And it’s never going to help you to thrive. If you are beating yourself up about doing stuff that you’re clearly doing to serve a need for yourself, even a really strange one that you don’t understand or don’t know, I would love to help you get certainty around what you’re serving, why you’re serving it, how you’re serving it, and whether you do want to serve it, or reset it, or actually whether we can use it, and can use it very powerfully. 

I used it to stay accountable

If you’ve followed me anywhere for any amount of time, you’ll know that losing weight seems to be a bloody nemesis. For me, it’s to do with the fact I just love food. I emotionally eat when I’ve got a new thing going on, and it’s enough to just keep me at a weight I don’t want to be. But actually, the way that I managed to get out of my own way, and I lost a couple of stone before I got married, was by having a Facebook group. And so what happened was I started to talk about what I was doing in this Facebook group, and other people are in there on the same journey. So actually I used my need to serve and support and help others in that Facebook group and it kept me completely accountable. I needed to succeed so I could help them too. So I used my need to serve as accountability in that group to get what I needed. 

So I hope you understand that concept, and if this is going on for you, you’ll recognise it by serving others before yourself. We need to reprogram your beliefs. We need to help you understand who they are, where they come from, why they evolved, and see if you still want them. And if you don’t, create some new ones. And if you don’t, and you can’t change it or make it work for you not against you, then book a call with me. You can book sessions, you can book multiple sessions, you can do whatever you like. I’m here to help you because I get a buzz from it. So I’m serving you, and through that I get a complete buzz. I am addicted to transformation, which definitely serves me better than gambling and drugs and drink and all the other stuff I’ve done in my time, because I like that hit. So that’s why I do it.