Hello, Vivienne Joy here and today I am talking about SalesAbility, because if you can’t sell, you are not going to thrive, and your future focus will be on avoiding it and trying to figure out how you can make money without selling. 

So here we go…grab your pen and pad, and let’s do some self-coaching from inside of you to outside. 

Question 1 – How would you describe your ability as a sales or business development person? 

Really do this! Don’t just imagine it…write it down. When you do something from head to paper, it changes the dynamic of it. It’s like an affirmation. It’s like an admission. It changes everything. So how would you describe your ability as a sales or business development person? What even is the difference? 

Question 2 – How did you achieve the most effortless, perfect sale to date?

This is really powerful by the way, because this is the secret of your own success. Unless you’re in startup mode, in which case model someone else’s and ask this question. 

It could have been your first sale, it could have been the highest priced one, it could have been the one that just seems to accidentally happen? Like, the most effortless, perfect one –  and I’ve used those words, because the perfect sale is with the perfect client, who pays the right amount and you enjoy, and they enjoy, and it’s just joyful! 

How did you achieve that? Because the success leaves clues! 

Question 3 – Who were you when that happened? 

Now, sometimes you can start off your business and it sells well and then it doesn’t. What’s happened is somewhere along the line, you become someone who’s maybe just focused on sales, or isn’t focused on sales, or doesn’t believe in something or gets bored of it. You’ll have changed who you are. It’s a bit like when you go into a relationship – you’re different in the beginning honeymoon period, shaving your legs every half an hour kind of stuff. And then you change and you expect the relationship to stay the same. And it’s the same in business, you change, you evolve, you improve, or actually you get bored, you get overwhelmed or underwhelmed. So who were you when that perfect, effortless sale occurred? 

Question 4 – Where did they come from and how did communications unfold?

Remember, success leads clues. What was the journey? Where did you meet them? What was the first conversation? Did they reach out to you? Did you reach out to them? What were their questions? What were their concerns? How did you reassure them? Did they have no reassurance? Had they watched something of yours? Had they read you? Were they introduced to you by somebody else? How did they come to you and how did communications unfold? 

How did they sign up? What did they pay by? Card? Did they ring you? How did you onboard them? 

Just look at this journey, because that perfect sale is the clue for having lots more of them. SalesAbility…. If you haven’t got it, you need to get it. And if you need it and you don’t know how to get it, come and talk to me. I have a mastermind, we meet every week for two hours deep dive structured mentoring, growth mentoring, coaching, and there’s training into the academy as well which is included in that programme where you get everything you need to thrive. I’d love to see you there!