Where do you go to let go, escape and reset yourself and your business?

She-Escapes Day Retreat

In this day and age, we are all so busy, working incredibly hard to balance everything, keep everybody happy, be successful, enjoy life and keep our shit together! It is hard for business owners like us to find a place to just BE.

BE with like minded women
BE vulnerable and honest
BE ourselves
BE supported
BE open to ideas
BE the one that gets as well as gives
BE inspired with ideas and business strategies

As you build, scale and problem solve in your business, it can feel isolating, stressful and overwhelming. These are often feelings that are not understood by partners and friends; and you wouldn’t dare reveal these inner most thoughts and fears in a space where your clients are!

You need a safe space. A calm, supportive place to put all your business and personal worries down, figure things out, understand what is causing the challenges and find realistic solutions and strategies to implement.

She-Escapes RESET Day
If this resonates with you, then you need She-Escapes Reset Day! A fully immersive, uninterrupted Saturday. Seven business founding women and ME, in my training facility in North Nottinghamshire (NG22).

We share, allow, discuss, support, cry, laugh, drink coffee, eat home cooked food (courtesy of my wife Emma), get ideas, release crappy thoughts feelings and beliefs and plan the next 90 days to keep your mindset in the right direction and your business focused with aligned sales and marketing strategies.

Places on these themed powerful quarterly Mastermind type group coaching days are snapped up, so get in quick!

Just £395 for the whole day (10am-5pm). Less than the standard price of breakthrough session with me!

I’m buzzing with excitement at the prospect of our coaching, growth mentoring, strategising time together. I love helping women get out of their own way to truly enjoy building their business! This intensive day will change your life if you fully commit to showing up and shifting.

Only 7 women at each She-Escapes Reset Day


Meet Deep Structure Mindset Coach & Growth Mentor Vivienne Joy...

15 minutes of laser coaching for clarity in life and business

What's included in She-Escapes Reset Day? 10am to 5pm

Business growth. Mentoring with Vivienne Joy and masterminding with other business women, sharing best practice, solving challenges, creative thinking and learning new sales, marketing, process and strategy skills to improve your business in whichever way is right for you. 

Personal growth. Something magical happens when a small group of open, honest and supportive women get together for a fully immersive day with deep structure mindset questions to help you get out of your own way. It’s like months of personal development work and an empowering energy that cannot be described! No computers, no workbooks, no pressure. It’s time to express, relax and enjoy with this time that really is yours and ALL about you. 

All food and drink provided. Freshly home cooked food to ensure you get nourished from the outside in too. My wife Emma bakes cookies, pastries and makes a great lunch. Coffee, teas and drinks on tap.

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If you need more info contact Vivienne Joy on 07921 040474 or Email: Hello@She-Enjoys.com

This is for you if you in business, exhausted, a bit stuck or lost and need a safe space to fall apart and put yourself back together with expert guidance, fresh ideas, personal management skills and support.

This is for you if you’re still trying to get off the ground, or change parts of your business (or youself), or scale and grow to six figures and beyond and need additional mindset and strategy training and support.

This is for you if you enjoy contecting with others face to face and are wanting to go to the next level of your own development.

Not for you if you are currently an employee with no intention of starting a business. If you are are just looking for a network to sell or spam and no desire to connect.

It’s intensive. You will share, learn, rest, reset and connect whilst being held in a VERY safe space by a highly qualified expert. No stone left unturned to make sure you shift, connect, release and find a new way to move forward in your life and business whatever the challenge. You will leave with actionable ideas and changes and feel ready to move forward.

Everything stated on the page is included.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your favourite device or pad and pens. If you want specific/special foods or drinks then bring those to make sure you get what you need.

Parking is free.

A maximum of 8 women including Vivienne, so a nice small group to journey with, be held by and support. It really is a special exploration and transformation space and energy.

Great question if you don’t know her, or haven’t been to any free live events or downloaded free products (see the section on website for these and for her full bio).

Put simply, thousands of business women choose to trust her with their mindset and skillset as she’s been there, where you are now. She’s started, scaled and sold and closed and kept multiple six figure businesses since being one of the first in the digital product and online space in 2003.

She’s straight talking, keeps it real, asking you the questions others wouldn’t to get you firmly to where you need to be! She’s deeply spiritual, intuitively guided, grounded and balanced. And, she seriously gives a fuck, like really lives eats and breathes your success and dream. Supporting you and believing in you, even when you don’t. Equal portions of prodding, hugging, motivation and education that will mean you enjoy the journey and will be celebrated and supported along the way. There is something special about the safety and sense of solidarity in the She-Enjoys community, especially with the not for profit She-Enjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F) founded in Feb 2020 to give back further, this is one woman on a mission to help women all over the world be the best and do the best they can.