Vivienne Joy & Sue Royle are very pleased to introduce their third Mindset Reset Retreat!

4 days (3 nights) to allow business women just like you to be truly escape everything to let go, understand, release and reset.

28 to 31 March 2022, in stunning Somerset.

4 life changing personal development and creative self discovery days. A safe place to be you and free yourself.

4 blissful, fun nights away from it all with like minded business women. 

Now that’s what we call a retreat! Come and escape with us… 

Double and twin rooms are sold as single occupancy allowing you space for yourself and attention from us to truly transform.

When creating this secret getaway, we knew the energy and feeling we wanted to create and found this beautiful, privately owned, relaxed country house secret escape. The house and grounds are perfect.

Beautiful Outdoor eating spaces

9 double bedrooms home from home

Outdoor hot tub to unwind and relax

Let’s be honest, you know life should be different, feel different and be more fruitful, especially when you work as bloody hard as you do! You’ve probably read a ton of personal development books and tried ‘online courses’ or group programmes to try and do the deep work on yourself. You may have even worked with a therapist or coach or be ‘trying to find yourself’ spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. You’ve had some results, and now it is time to REALLY make those final shifts to enjoy the life you have been creating. If you are not enjoying it, what is the point!?

If this is you, then you’ll love the She-Escapes MIndset Reset Retreat. 

You’ll be in VERY good company with like minded business women. Each of you focused on deep development group sessions, restorative relaxation and meditation, rest and spcae to actually catch up with yourself and being VERY social for the rest of the time – there is home cooked food and wine! 

You will have fun, relax, unwind and make friends for life over a relaxed, intensive 4 days of self-discovery, learning and creative expression – come and ‘try on’ a true work/life balance!

What’s the difference between this and other retreats I hear you ask…

Well, you will not only feel replenished, reconnected and revitalised – you’ll experience transformational personal development in a supportive and nurturing group, you’ll be held, prodded, nurtured and get true transformation from the inside out. It’s like nothing you will have ever experienced, we promise.

You can eat and drink what you like (no lettuce and carrot juice, unless you choose it)! No enforced exercise or session attendance. A beautiful balance of creative sessions, powerful mindset coaching, gentle beginners yoga and much more to allow your inner child to come out and play.

A life changing gathering of high spirited, spiritual souls to make memories, deepen friendships and make a real difference to how you feel about your life in 2022 and beyond. 


What we'll be enjoying on the She-Escapes Mindset Reset Retreat...

Day 1 – 28th Mar 2022

Arrive from 2pm, before 4pm to attend the She-Escapes Welcome. At 5pm, we will set some powerful intentions before Sue connects us to our bodies in our first gentle yoga experience. Our group dinner gathering is at 7pm to get to know each other and create a safe space.

Day 2 – 29th Mar

Early risers can enjoy breakfast from 7.30am, or you can have a lay in and join the morning yoga bodyscan ceremony and chakra alignment.

At 9.30am you’ll join Vivienne as a group to discover yourself in a way you have never done before! Releasing old patterns, behaviours and beliefs.

After a leisurely lunch, for 3 hours in the afternoon you’ll be getting your creative groove on in a studio setting with an expert. Dinner is at 7pm and an 8.45 meditation is available for those that want to relax into blissful sleep, or you can stay up and socialise. Your choice.

Day 3 – 30th Mar

Timings of day 3 will be similar to day 2, with options to join in or take time out.

All meals and drinks are supplied.
All materials and activities are provided to help you expand and enjoy, you will want for nothing!

In the afternoon we will be taking some well deserved time out for colouring, reading, walking in the amazing grounds, relaxing with the others, or even sleeping! Whatever you need to escape your day to day life. 

Day 4 – 31st Mar

More self discovery and empowerment sessions will be after breakfast and yoga to finish at around 2pm.

You are welcome to stay for the afternoon and relax, or get back to your life and family and miss the traffic. The whole retreat is designed to give you choices and what you need. We are flexible and open to any suggestions. 

Meet Vivienne Joy

15 minutes of laser coaching for clarity in life and business

Meet Sue Royle

What's included in She-Escapes Retreat...

Daily easy yoga to get your blood pumping and energised and relax you 

You are in very safe hands with Sue who teaches yoga all over the world to all shapes, sizes and abilities. You will be with a variety of women, this is about you going at your own pace and getting what you need to connect your heart, body and mind to truly connect with yourself.


Daily group coaching and mindset reset coaching to truly understand yourself

Something magical happens when a small group of open, honest and supportive women get together for 4 days with Vivienne to ask deep structure questions. It’s like months worth of personal development work and an empowering energy that cannot be described! No computers, no workbooks, no pressure. It’s time to express, relax and enjoy with this time that really is yours and ALL about you. 

All food and drink provided whilst in the Country House

Freshly home cooked catered food to ensure you get nourished from the outside in too. Breakfast, lunch and evening meal. A main dining room allows group meal times with chat, fun & laughter. Wine available with dinner.

Creative activities to switch your brain in to a different mode

A variety of exciting, relaxing and fun activities in the country house and out and about for you to get crafty and allow your inner child to play and enjoy. You’ll be amazed what you can do when you are in a safe space. 

Alternatively, you can just take time out, read and just be. Bring your bathing costume to use the excellent house hot tub facilities and enjoy a walk in the splendid grounds… It really is your time. She-Escapes.

Can't do this time? Join the 2022 Waitlist.

If you need more info contact Vivienne Joy on 07921 040474 or Email:

This is for you if you in business, exhausted, a bit stuck or lost and need a safe space to fall apart and put yourself back together with expert guidance, fresh ideas, personal management skills, creativity and support.

This is for you if you’re still trying to get off the ground, or change parts of your business (or youself), or scale and grow to six figures and beyond and need additional mindset and strategy training and support.

This is for you if you enjoy contecting with others face to face and are wanting to go to the next level of your own development.

Not for you if you are currently an employee with no intention of starting a business. If you are are just looking for a network to sell or spam and no desire to connect.

Intensive. Connected and held in a VERY space space by experienced and highly qualified experts for mindset (Vivienne) and yoga (Sue). No stone left unturned to make sure you shift, connect, release and find a new way to move forward in your life and business.

Not at all, they are to compliment your success journey, it’s all about you and your needs. Some come to all, others dip in and out as necessary.

Everything stated on the page is absolutely included. Everything you need is included. Just bring clothing and things you need for day to day life and a yoga mat and blanket. If you want specific/special foods or drink that are not listed on the general catering, then bring those.

There are 10 women in total, so a nice small group to journey with, be held by and support. It really is a special space and energy.

Great question if you don’t know her, or haven’t been to any free live events or downloaded free products (see the section on website for these and for her full bio).

Put simply, thousands of business women choose to trust her with their mindset and skillset as she’s been there, where you are now. She’s started, scaled and sold and closed and kept multiple six figure businesses since being one of the first in the digital product and online space in 2003.

She’s straight talking, keeps it real, asking you the questions others wouldn’t to get you firmly to where you need to be! She’s deeply spiritual, intuitively guided, grounded and balanced. And, she seriously gives a fuck, like really lives eats and breathes your success and dream. Supporting you and believing in you, even when you don’t. Equal portions of prodding, hugging, motivation and education that will mean you enjoy the journey and will be celebrated and supported along the way. There is something special about the safety and sense of solidarity in the She-Enjoys community, especially with the not for profit She-Enjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F) founded in Feb 2020 to give back further, this is one woman on a mission to help women all over the world be the best and do the best they can.