Hello, Vivienne Joy here!

Now, people think that strategy is just about business plans. Yes, you probably thought exactly the same. But no…your whole brain works in strategies – everything. Even if I pick up my cup of tea, it uses a strategy. My brain has to work out how it has to pick the cup up, how to tip it, how to drink it, whether it’s hot, how to put it back down, whether it’s safe to do that. And the brain creates a strategy so you don’t have to think about it every time. Like every time I go to sit in a chair, I don’t have to work out how to, I just do it. So these are all implanted in your mind. And sometimes we remember them incorrectly or create a strategy that we don’t want. Maybe things like overeating, drinking, being fearful, and procrastinating. I spend my whole day…my whole life, helping people with that and then teaching them skills. So, strategy is way more than business. 

Today however, we are going to talk about business. I have four questions that I want you to answer, so grab a pad and pen and do some deeper work just for five minutes. 

Question #1 – What is the big why, what, and how of your business? 

This is a huge question and you might want to split it into sections. So what is the big why? The the what, and then the how of your business? And if you haven’t got that bit sussed, then the rest of it is going to feel really out of alignment and quite painful and quite difficult. 

Question #2 – How do you know where you’re going? 

So if you don’t know what the big why is, and the what, and the how, then how do you know where you’re going? And maybe you don’t! Maybe you’re just kind of doing the things that someone said that you should do and you don’t really know where you’re going, in which case we need to help you understand the where.

Question #3 How do you know you’ll get there? 

So if you don’t know the where, and you don’t know the what, and you don’t know the how – how’d you know you’ll get there. And if you don’t know you’re gonna get there, you’ll be fearful of not getting there. And that’ll keep you stuck where you are now and therefore you won’t get there. It’s a bit of a tongue twister I know, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying here. 

Question #4 – What will happen when you get there? 

Now this sounds like a really simple little question, but quite a lot of high-end coaches and people in business come to me because they are lacking fulfilment in their business, not money. So you may be sitting there going, “Oh, lovely, what a first-class problem to have”. To actually have an amazing business but not be fulfilled. And I know because I’ve had this. I’ve had multiple six-figure businesses, two of which I didn’t like, and in fact, one in particular, by the end of it, I actually despised. The phone used to ring and I used to look at it and think, bugger off, I don’t want to answer. I sold that business so all as well. So knowing what will happen when you get there and how you’re going to manage that is very interesting.

There’s a really very successful coach that runs a challenge all around creating passive income, and in her challenge group, somebody put asked a very genuine question which was, “so when I’ve created the passive income, and I’ve got the freedom to do what I like, what would I do?”

And I loved the question because while I know most people are like, what an absurd question, it’s actually true. When you get to the stage where you have the business you want and the freedom, the flexibility, and the time, it is a bit like, oh, what now. So many people need the next level. So you may be at that stage, you may still be at the stage and you think you can’t wait to be in that position, what a bloody fantastic place to be. But what will happen when you get there? I want you to imagine it – bring that into your future focus of what it will feel like because you’ll be more concerned and more focused on getting there if you know how it’s going to feel.

What if you don’t like it when you get there? 

A caveat to this is that you might think and feel into the future and it might not be what you want. So I have started businesses where I had teams of people working for me, and actually almost made me slightly redundant and I had to do a part of the job I wasn’t really that keen on. And I missed the contact with the clients. So very much about reverse engineering. So if you can imagine what will happen when you get there, and you love it, then you’re probably more keen to get there. If you can imagine it and think “oh, not quite so sure”, then think about what you do want when you get to that part of your business where you’ve followed your strategy and arrive. 

I hope this is helpful for you and do have a really good think about what you want to have happen. And if you need any help with it, then do book a one to one with me. We can do so for 15 minutes for free. You can book an hour which is very powerful, or a breakthrough session. If you know that you’ve got some blocks, or some stuff you need to sort out, we’ll get you reset and on track. Look forward to hearing from you.