Updating your beliefs

Hello, Vivienne Joy here. Today I want to talk to you today about your beliefs. You hear lots of people talking about them, and you’ll have your own belief around beliefs. You’ll have your own beliefs because you base them on what you’ve thought, felt, or decided when you’ve heard someone else talking about them – about how yours trigger you. Because what we believe, we believe is true, and we have to because the unconscious creates a map of trueness, of actual, so that we can live by it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. We have to trust ourselves, right? So we have to believe what’s in our head is true. 

I want you to now have a think about the times when you’ve been proven wrong. I know it’s probably not very often – if you’re anything like me, you’re always right. So when you’re actually proven wrong, it’s a bit tricky, it’s a bit painful, it’s a bit icky. 

Overriding negative belief

I tell you this happens to me with people because I’m a really trustworthy person, and everybody says that I genuinely am, and because of that I trust people. I get walked all over a lot. I believe and I trust and then somebody proves themselves to act and behave differently to how I thought they would, and therefore I have to update my brain. I have to say to myself, “no, you were wrong Vivienne – it’s actually the belief you have about that person or how someone performs in that environment that is wrong”. So you have to update it because when you prove yourself wrong, you have to update your belief because it has to be right.

It’s a bit like when you first learned the theory of Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy way back when that wasn’t true. Sorry if that’s a bombshell for anyone. You can’t believe it. You know it’s not true. You know, it’s not true. And so that’s how I help people to reset their mindset. My mindset reset method, my own model, my own methodology unique to me, has been created because when we go back and evidence hunt, and bust that belief because it was possibly not even true in the first place, and this is with beliefs that are disempowering, disenabling, just making you feel shit or stopping you and making you stuck and in your own way. And if you’ve got those going on, you know it and I know you know it, but you might not know how to change it, or what’s causing it, and why you still believe it. You still believe you’re no good at something and yet you keep proving you are. You’d think that you would override that belief that sometimes the original belief came from – a higher power or authority that was so powerful or so painful, so traumatic, or even such a firm decision back then that there’s little bits of evidence chipping away. 

The inception point

What I do is go back to that inception point, like the first or worst experience, and gather all the reality and truth around that and it’s a very powerful process, all happening inside the head. Sometimes words and emotion comes out, but it’s very quick. And then what happens is once you reassess and recharge and reset it, then you can’t possibly have it there. And it creates what they call gestalt psychotherapy, and it unchains every other experience you’ve had where that belief would have come into play, so what happens is next time you try and use that belief, it won’t be there because it doesn’t exist. 

I know it all sounds a bit complicated. I’m trying to make it as easy as I can for you to understand because when you understand that everything that goes on in your head has been put there by you, that you’ve created it, you’ve allowed it, you’ve encouraged it, then you can reset it. And actually, sometimes there’s just a whole load of stuff that needs resetting, and sometimes there’s just one thing that’s upsetting it, and once we reset it, everything starts to fall into balance again. 

So if you’ve got this sort of stuff going on for yourself, I would love to help you reset it, please do get in touch, You can book a session with me, it’s the sort of stuff I do one to one, very powerful, quite provocative, quite impactful, and you’re gonna be exhausted. It’s like running a marathon in a very short space of time for the brain and look forward to helping you through it so that you can move through and get on with life and make your business the success it deserves.