Today, I’m talking about visibility, aka the ability to be visible. 

Here I am, right in front of you (albeit via text format!) being visible. 

And how did I get in front of you? At some point, you’ve met me at a seminar or conference and event online?

Where did you met me? How did you find me? 

I must have been visible somewhere. 

Now, I’m not particularly special (well, maybe a little bit) 

But in the way of my visibility, I’m not, I’m just there. I’m just everywhere. Some of the people that find me said, Well, you were just everywhere. 

And it’s not because I’ve got special magical powers

And I haven’t cloned myself sadly. (By the way, if you do work that one out, please let me know, because it would be very useful for me to be able to be in more than one place at a time.)

You can be the most credible, and the most vulnerable person on the planet, you can be friendly.

But if nobody knows you exist, you won’t have any business. 

I will tell you, that’s the number one reason why I coach people who have not got enough business, they’re just not visible enough. 

You could be the best out there at anything you do, HR consultant, photographer, multi-level marketer, whatever it is you do for a living. 

But if nobody knows you, nobody knows what you do. 

Nobody knows why people come to you, and nobody knows the results of why people come to you, then they’re not going to come to you. 

As part of what I do, I spend time in companies and do a half-day or full day and become either their MD or a marketing director for the day. Recently, I spent a day in a golf club a little while ago (I spent a lot of time there now and you’ll find out why)

Golf clubs, you would say they’re quite visible, right? Look at the size of the golf club, you know, definitely bigger than my back garden…

But what they weren’t doing was marketing anything to their members, they got 1000s of them!

And the only time they were messaging them was when it was time for the subscriptions to be paid!

So we spent some time setting up their systems, their CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)

They’re free, you can get them for free and just plug in your data in – there’s tonnes of examples of platforms that are free to use and you can almost instantly create your own CRM system.

After setting up some good tags and segmenting the list effectively, we sent out a really basic email along the lines of ‘Hello, here we are, do this do you want to come and play at one of these upcoming events etc.’

And so within three days of sending out this email, they had had £21,000 worth of inquiries. Shocker! 

if you’re not visible and you’re not reminding people to buy from you, then they’re not going to buy from you – it’s the biggest mistake people make. 

Sometimes I’ll speak to my clients and say, ‘What do you know about them? You’ve been using ABC limited, what do you know? And they won’t know half of the services that that company provides, even though they’re their client, because they don’t tell them. They don’t tell them. 

I’ve been guilty of this too. I used to have a recruitment advertising agency, as you know, and when I set up as doing coaching and training, (and I did corporate!) it took me two years to message them and let them know. 

It was painful. When somebody innocently asked whether I’d even told them what I was doing, it was like a lightning bolt through my head – it was SO simple. 

I’d tried all sorts of clever ways of creating new content and new contacts. But I wasn’t visible to the people that were already buying from me! 

So how are you not being visible? 

Have a think about all the the people you can collaborate with – as somebody that offered. If you’re not being visible, you might want to ask yourself why? 

When I first became a public speaker, I remember looking back at the first video of which obviously I do a lot now. Oh my god, I was so critical!

“My hair looks awful. I look fat, I keep uhmming and ahhing” – just things that people do in normal day to day life. 

But then, the guy that was training me, said the most magic words to me that have stayed with me and my whole world. He said, “Vivienne, it’s not about you. When you’re public speaking, it’s about the people, the audience, they’re going on an emotional journey. Do you think they’re looking at you like that? No. They’re in their own stuff. You are a brand. Now, it’s not about how you look in a photo at your cousin’s wedding. This is your brand, this is your business.”

And from that, I started to look at videos and audios and everything I was doing and photographs, you know, branding imagery, in a very, very different way. 

I no longer look at a photo and think, oh, God, I look fat and all look at that spot, I think, do I look friendly, approachable, credible? What is the perception of that person, when I’m that visible? 

And actually, I just make sure to show up. 

Because consistency is what messes up some businesses. 

You have to be consistent in your message consistent in your approach, consistently visible. 

So that when that person needs you, they don’t have to try and remember six months ago, a year ago, you’ve reminded them you’re there, you haven’t sold to them particularly, you’ve reminded them you’re there and you’re visible. 

You’re ready, you’re there waiting for them literally. 

So, think about how visible you are and how invisible you are. 

Work to do because you know this, you know how this works, and then move on to the next -ability. And I’ll see you there!