What do you procrastinate about?

Today I’m talking about thriving and procrastination. Now, some of you are not even thinking about thriving right now, you’re just thinking about freaking well surviving – I get that I do I get it. We’re in a very uncertain world at the moment. But actually, if you can focus on thriving, then maybe you won’t focus so much on what else is going on in the world, because you know, you spend your whole time thinking, you have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day, and you choose them. You can choose to eliminate them, you choose what you watch, what you take on board. You choose what comes in, and the input creates the output, you know, that has a place in your head, it can sometimes have a place in your heart, and it has a place in your world. So sometimes just not focusing on it is the best thing. Worrying about stuff has never helped anybody, it just makes you stressed and makes it feel worse than it really is. We know this, I’m sure. I’m not saying anything that we haven’t heard a million people say. 

Procrastination and thriving

What I want to talk about is what it is that you’re procrastinating about. We’ve been talking about procrastination, and actually thriving. Procrastination doesn’t sit there. You know, procrastination is an avoidance strategy. And thrive is an acceptance moving forward and fully embodied strategy. So if procrastination sits heavily in your day, your week, your world, your life, your thoughts, your feelings, then we need to remove it so that you can start to thrive. You can’t enjoy stuff when you’re avoiding it. I’m sure that makes sense to you when you hear it so logically put. 

And so I want you to do what I call continued writing, where I say something or I make a statement, and you finish it by writing. And by doing this, you get the stuff that’s out of the back of the brain, or even the middle of the brain river, or the front of the brain, down onto paper. And something happens when you try to logisize emotions and thoughts and feelings onto paper. It actually looks different. It’s almost like you get it out and go, “oh, what the hell is that? That’s not right. That’s not real. That’s not good. I don’t want that anymore.”

So I’m just gonna say some stuff, so grab a pad and pen, and I want you to say onto your paper, what you do. Now I know you’re thinking, Vivienne, I’ve not got time I’m driving the car, I’m watching something else, but please take a moment to just focus on you. You’re worth it. So this is your invitation to just stop whatever else you’re doing while you’re reading this and grab some paper because it’s worth it. And if you’re the sort of person that listens to the personal development podcasts or the books, and you think, oh, yeah, I’ll go back and do the exercise – you know, you never ever do. So don’t do that to yourself. Right now, if you’re spending 10 minutes on you, spend 10 minutes on you fully 100% This is how you thrive. 

So thinking about what you procrastinate, what I’m going to ask you to write is:

I always seem to avoid…

The next thing for you to write is: 

By avoiding this, I achieve… 

Are you avoiding something you’re scared of?

You keep writing lots and lots of sentences towards me if you need to. The reason that we’re trying to do this exercise is to understand what your unconscious is trying to achieve for you because there is always a higher intention. And so it could be that you’re avoiding something that you’re scared of, in which case this strategy will continue until you accept how you feel about that thing. So if you’re avoiding being rejected, or being trolled, or being judged, and if I’m speaking your language, you’ll be nodding going “holy shit, yes, that’s me”. You will avoid anything that puts you even in the frame of possibility. So the visibility in your business will be virtually nothing – it will be forced, it’ll be painful, you’ll hate on it, it will be nerve-racking. So unless we can help you come to terms with your feelings, fears, and thoughts around that, you will always procrastinate. And it may be that you start to procrastinate other things around it because they’re all associated. For example, not writing a blog then becomes the same as doing a video, which is probably not true. Going to a networking event becomes the same. 

So I hope this is helpful to you to get thinking about where you procrastinate. There are lots and lots of questions and if you want to do more of this work with me you can. You can join the Mastermind by application, you can come to my academy, you can have a call with me. Lots of different ways you can work with me to help yourself shift from where you are and move further towards continuously moving towards thriving, because you deserve it!