What is the cost of not having clarity?

Hello, Vivienne Joy here. Today I wanted to talk about the cost of not having clarity. And clarity takes a bit of thinking about – it isn’t something that just comes to you in a flash, and actually, you need to think about what you really want in life because if you don’t know, guess what happens? You’ll just accept whatever comes towards you. So if you haven’t got clarity around the kind of people you want in your life, you will have people coming towards you and you will just accept them. So you have possibly got friendships that are not as good as they could be, maybe a romantic relationship that is not as good as it could be. It could be that you are in a job that is not fulfilling your needs on every level. I remember coaching a lady who was in a job and she’d been there for 20 years, and I said to her: “What is the purpose of your job?”. And she just looked at me and said: “I don’t know”. The clarity we needed was why she was still there, what it was giving her, and it was very easy for her to go, “nope, you know what, I’m not doing this job anymore”. It wasn’t even giving them money – it wasn’t giving her anything. 

You and your business need clarity

So we need some clarity, and your business needs clarity. And what is the cost of not having it? Well, I know that the first time I launched an online programme and I’ve made a few changes and things have evolved because I am a strategist, and if something doesn’t work, I don’t go “oh shit, it must be rubbish. I’m crap”. I just look and ask myself what didn’t work. Because if you are striving for thriving, you will do things that don’t work. I promise you that – you are not perfect. No one is. I’ve made some epically bad decisions in some of my businesses, and actually, I look at what I was trying to achieve, what I thought, how I was sold to, what I expected, and how I managed it…to learn from it. Because everything you do is a lesson. It’s not a decision based on “oh, I wasn’t good enough, they didn’t take my offer, they didn’t sign up, they didn’t show, they didn’t comment”. It’s about the timing of things, the wording of things, the pricing of things, the intention of things, the energy of things, and the confidence that you exude with all of these things. And let me tell you, there’s nothing more important for confidence and clarity. And so if you don’t have clarity, you won’t have confidence. And if you’re looking for confidence coaching, it starts with getting clarity of who you are. 

Clarity is the key to everything

I’m a jolly good person, you know, I can be a bitch, let’s be honest, but actually, I’m a jolly good person and I’m really clear on that. So if someone is in my life and not doing as they should be…not decent humans, I know it’s not really me. Something is wrong, they’re possibly not supposed to be in my life and I’m quite clear on that. I know that actually, if the right clients are not coming towards me, people are not saying yes, then there’s something wrong in my messaging, there’s something wrong in my offer, and I need to get clear. So the cost of not having clarity myself, for example, I’m not really quite sure why someone would spend that money with me – if I had that then I wouldn’t have clarity in my messaging, I wouldn’t have clarity in my offer, or wouldn’t have clarity at all. There would be nothing, and therefore I wouldn’t have confidence. So most people say to me, how are you so confident, and the answer is because I’ve got absolute clarity. And if I don’t have clarity, which sometimes happens when I go, “Oh, that feels a bit off”, then I find it…I find a coach, I find someone, I find a way, I do some deep structure thinking for myself, I do some meditation, I go inwards, or I go outwards, whichever way is needed to get clarity. No clarity, no confidence, no cash, and no conviction. So if this is what’s going on for you, then you need to reach out to me and we can have a conversation to help you understand. Because the cost of not doing so could be your business, it could be your relationships, or it could be a whole lot more. Get clarity. Clarity is the key to everything.