What stops you enjoying?

Hello, Vivienne Joy here – owner of She Thrives Intensive Coaching Mastermind, where I help you reset your mindset and grow your business for income and impact. And that is exactly what most business owners want, right? Either one or the other, or both, wouldn’t that be ideal? 

Today, I want to talk about what is really stopping you from enjoying your business. I’ve spoken a lot about palpability and excitement, and I want you to think about times when you’ve been very, very excited. For me, it was my wedding last year. I was really excited, it was incredible – there was not a moment that I didn’t have my heart pounding. And that’s like knowing you’re alive. So I want to ask you really seriously, when did you last have that in your business? And actually, for some of you, with everything you’ve gone through in your life? 

Are you just getting through each day?

Sometimes we get to this place in our life where we’re just trying to stay afloat, we’re just trying to stay alive, we’re just trying to stay safe. And actually, the enjoyment, the fun, the satisfaction, and the fulfilment, all feel like a distant memory, and all we’re doing is getting through each day. And if you’re doing that, I just want you to know that there’s a different way. But the first step towards that is to decide that you want more from life than earning enough money, having enough impact, building enough customers or clients, you know, all the things that you’ve got on your vision boards, or your goal boards, if joy isn’t one of them. 

If you’re the sort of logical left brain, very strategic, like quite a lot of my clients are, what happens is you get so embroiled in the doing doing, achieving achieving, you forget to bloody well enjoy it along the way. And thriving is a feeling by the way. There’s no kind of thrive guide, like, “oh, by the time I get to here, it means I’m thriving”. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of wow, actually, this feels amazing. Like everything I wanted in my life is here. And that could be anything. It could be just time to sit in the garden for half an hour each day – whatever thriving means to you.

What is getting in your way? 

What is stopping you? Is it your head? Your self talk? Somebody else in your life? Are you living with a miserable git? Are your kids going through hell? Are you worried about money? Are you worried about health? 

I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen, and I want you to write it down, and I want you to remember the continued writing that I talk of, and I’m going to ask you some questions…I’m going to make some statements, and I want you to complete the sentence. 

The last time I felt true, excited, joy was … 

If I had more joy, more excitement, and more fulfilment in my life, it would feel like…

Sometimes we just forget

We get so embroiled with getting true and helping and supporting, that we forget to just sit back and enjoy it. I run a She Escapes Reset Day, which is quarterly and in my home. We have small amount of women and my wife has a lunch, and we all sit around the table and we get shit sorted. Whatever you’ve got, we leave it behind, get out your head, reset it, get your strategy together for the next 90 days, and get your head in the right place. So if you want to book one of those very limited places, you can do that. And actually, sometimes just being with the right people at the right time, or thinking the right thoughts, or just giving yourself a little bit of something, or taking somebody or something away, will change the levels of joy and happiness that you have in your life. 

So give it some thought. Instead of just carrying on and carrying on, give some thought to how. How could I have more joy? Write it on a piece of paper, write it on any motivational apps you’ve got. How can I have more joy in my task, in my day, in my life, in my business, in my relationships, in my friendships, in my health care? How can I have more joy and what difference would it make to me?