What you believe is possible

Hi, Vivienne Joy here, Mindset Reset Expert. Today I want to talk to you about what you believe about yourself and your capability. You see, what you believe is possible, is the limitation of what is possible, and sometimes you might surprise yourself. 

Think about a time when you did something you thought you couldn’t do – you didn’t know you could achieve. When that happens, what happens after is your belief around your ability shifts up a notch and comes out of its comfort zone. And you then think: “Oh, I could do that.”

Now, if you can take that thought and feeling and move it to the next level, you can ask yourself: “Well, if I didn’t think I could do that, and I achieved it, what else might I be able to achieve that I currently don’t think I can?”. So this is performance improvement. 

Getting the mindset sorted

A lot of the work I do in coaching and in my She Thrives programme, is fixing whatever’s going on in the background. There’s a whole load of mindset stuff around money and self-worth, and confidence and ability, and so we go and get all that sorted. And once we get that sorted and we get the business skill set sorted for sales, marketing, and strategy, then we’re into a beautiful space of true thriving. 

Some of my She Thrive Tribe have been with me nearly four years, where they’ve gone from this not believing in themselves, learning all that I coach them on, and are now keeping themselves in the right headspace, keeping themselves in that positive mental attitude you hear about – making sure they’re not knocked off their perch and start heading backwards, because it’s so easy to do when you are completely responsible for yourself. 

What might you be able to achieve?

So my simple question today is: What do you believe is possible with your current mindset and your current skill set? And if you were to improve both of those, what more might be possible? What might you be able to achieve and how might that feel? 

I remember one of my coaches years and years ago telling me that there was nothing better than feeling proud of himself. And that was absolutely the truth. So every time you recognise a shift in yourself, recognise an ability that you didn’t know you had or an achievement you didn’t think you could achieve; you can reward the centre of your brain that loves that. You will start to feel better, more confident, and more competent, and we’ll move towards that. 

If that’s you, and you’re in that space and you’re thinking: “Well Vivienne, I’ve been watching your videos, reading your content, but I think I sorted quite a lot of my shit out, and actually, I’m okay. I could probably do with a bit of an upgrade since things have changed over the last few years in my skill set, but what I’m really talking about is going next level”, then I’ve definitely got some stuff for you. So please do get in touch with me. We’ll have a conversation, and I can let you know how I can help you get there and see you there and beyond. I look forward to speaking to you.