Your income history and you

Money in a jar on a desk with 3 piles of coins alongside it, each with new leaf sprouts shooting up.

Hello, I’m Vivienne Joy, your Mindset Reset Expert. Today I really want to talk to you about your income history. We obviously look for evidence in the past of everything. So if we’re looking to the future of how much we can potentially earn, we’re going to look about how much we’ve earned, how much our peer group have earned, how much our family have earned, how much our parents and grandparents have earned. So if you come from a wealthy background, you know it’s possible. If you come from a financially disadvantaged family, then you don’t know it’s possible. If one of your family members has gone off to Uni and become a big success story, and that’s not just about the money, it’s about everything, then you believe it could be possible for you too. So this isn’t really about possibilities, and your income history is everything. 

Your first income

I want you to think back to your first ever job. Mine was for a hairdressing salon. I was 13 and washing hair on a Saturday and I was hideous at it! The boss was a very feisty Italian woman and she screamed at me a lot in Italian! And I look back to how much I earned and it was not a lot of money. And so I then look at how my earnings changed. And I also look at some of the things where I should have been paid more, or when I took an offer of a salary that I probably shouldn’t have taken because of some of the ways I was feeling about my own self-worth. And all of these leave a little mark on my thoughts on what I’m worth, how I feel about myself, and what I think I’m worth to the world. 

And so sometimes these marks are little and we will be able to just carry on, and sometimes they’re big etched “you’re not worthies” sitting in the background. This is why I do a lot of money mindset work with women before they come onto my Thrive programme and even before they come into the academy. But especially if they’re not earning what they want to earn, they’re not investing in themselves, or they don’t believe that they can achieve – they don’t believe what they can earn.

Where do you want your life to be?

If the above sounds like you then you need to speak to me. Otherwise, you could learn all the skills in the world but you will still stay within the ceiling and just slightly above the floor of where you’ve always earnt before. And that’s not going to take you where your life wants to be. 

So if you want to have a chat with me, you can book a free 15-minute laser coaching session. I’m getting quite full, so if you do want to then get yourself booked in. Look forward to speaking to you!